Dr. Moore: We are ‘prepared’ to respond to Omicron or any new variant | COVID-19 update in Ontario

Dr. Kieran Moore says Ontario is prepared to respond to this and other variants.

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    1. The same way the children’s infection rates started going up as soon as they got approval to Vaccinate them.

  1. Have You created a SCIENTIFIC RECORD OF ISOLATION / PURIFICATION for the “New variant Omicron” ?
    Will you , please , publish this RECORD during the next 7 days including the Real Photo of the variant Omicron ?
    Thank You .

  2. I love how he pauses after reading the African countries out. It’s like he mentally high fived himself. He practiced that many times.

  3. the richer gets even richer 2 shots + booster after booster.. how about start solving the problem, instead of looking for a new problem

    1. @Jhon McMcacker it means phizer and moderna stocks have gone up and the Companies are making billions every new variant means a new booster means the governments by them with taxpayer money and the companies and corrupt politicians get richer

  4. This is what I’ve learned from this “pandemic”. The government and their medical advisors should stay the phuck out of public health.

    1. @Max Weinbach awe, he cherry picked a year, thats adorable

      On average it ends between one million and 3 million

      Most of which are children

      Why didn’t you respond to Spanish flu or bubonic???

    2. @ARK CON want to look at 2020 then? Did it go up to 3 mill? Lol at least I’m looking within a reasonable time frame. Anything you can show me from the past decade? LOL

    1. @Primmakin Sofis well the new update is being rolled out and for me personally I can’t see dislikes anywhere now.

    2. @Cameron Killingsworth How do you know who the op meant by “they”? You’re not too bright yourself cupcake.

  5. How do you test for covid 19 and how do u test for b117 and how do u test for Omicron so I love how they keep always use lockdowns as the solution and always keep saying we still don’t know enough 🤔 ?

    1. One of the mutations of the Omicron virus is one of three sequences tested for in the most commonly used PCR tests just as the Alpha variant happened to mutate one of the sequenced in the PCR test that the UK was using and hence was found by accident. Hence, out of the three key marker sequences we test for, if we get two positives and one negative then the samples is genome mapped to see if it’s Omicron. Various YouTube posters such as Dr. Vuong claim this is a disadvantage as some positives may have been discounted as negatives but now that we know that a 2/3 score may be Omicron and not just testing some tomato juice you sneezed out (tomatoes have three times the DNA sequences of humans and hence matches more random combinations inadvertently). The accident that Omicron mutated one of the commonly tested sequences is now an advantage now that we know it exists but recent prior test negative results may need to be reviewed or at least retested and contact traced.

  6. But are you ready for The Pandora, Quiffy, Rapscallion, Stratus, Tonango, Ursalla, Vendetta, Washibi, Xanadu, Yomato, and Zebrella variants ??

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