Dr. Natalie Azar: ‘We Do Need People To Get That Second Shot’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Dr. Natalie Azar: ‘We Do Need People To Get That Second Shot’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Dr. Natalie Azar, a Rheumatologist at NYU Langone Center and NBC’s Raf Sanchez to discuss the importance of getting the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and the possibility of fully vaccinated Americans being able to travel to Europe this summer.

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Dr. Natalie Azar: ‘We Do Need People To Get That Second Shot’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @true patriot the only guy with 2 tinfoil hats .. one for his head and one rolled up into a permanent butt plug. strange choice you made for your body

    2. @true patriot Who in the world is trying to dominate and control you? If you choose not to get the vaccine, that’s your choice.

    3. well if you’re tired of it, do it properly & get everyone else in your country to join you in that & get it over with! That’s what we did in Australia & NZ! Our government in Australia wanted suppression btw, NOT elimination, but we the people weren’t going to stand for that & worked together to make total elimination happen, so we could return to normal life. Just do the same as us if you’re sick of it!

  1. The First Pfiser jab had little side effects.
    The Second definitely had More of a Kick to it.
    Don’t skip the second shot, it will be a more complete Vaccination.

  2. My second Moderna is on the 9th.
    I WILL be there on time.
    And if a booster is recommended I’ll get in line for that too.
    I administered lots of vaccinations when I was a nurse. Now it’s my turn.

    1. a trick : watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

  3. Can’t get a second one if I never got the first. My body, my choice! Keep that poison out of me!

    1. @true patriot No, you whine about getting a shot. Maybe they will give you a lollipop if you get it. You ever think of that, big boy?

    2. @true patriot Son, you’re a rebel without a cause. Refusing to get a voluntary vaccine can hardly be considered a freedom. Freedom is living in a country where a vaccine is made available and having the choice of accepting or declining it.

  4. Hmmm…a rheumatologist…a doctor that treats arthritis and joint diseases talking about a infectious virus. Interesting.

    1. It’s a virus that causes a wide-reaching inflammatory response — respiratory distress is just one of the symptoms. Arthritis and joint diseases are also due to inflammation. So yes, she would be a reasonable person to speak with. But hey, maybe you’re the expert and they should be talking to you. Give them a call and see if they’ll have you on!

    2. @Sunny Widerman I understand body’s inflammation response just fine but she is not a vaccine specialist. This ain’t her wheelhouse. Giving millions of people of outside of her scope of expertise.

    3. @Christopher smith well at least she’s an expert on hydroxy side effects – since arthritis is what it’s used for

  5. Getting mine Wed!

    I’m young, so my immune system should react more robustly to the 2nd dose (I had a mild fever and headache from the first dose as it was, and I usually get a bad fever after even flu shots), so l expect to be fairly ill for a couple of days, but it will be worth it for both myself AND my fellow citizens. We all have a social responsibility and obligation to get immunized for the sake of others; that in itself is reason enough!

    1. @true patriot You do realize the vaccines are not mandatory, they’re voluntary? So, why you feel such a need to get attention and approval over something that’s an option, is a little ridiculous.

  6. First shot of Moderna yesterday, just a sore arm at the injection site. Will be getting the 2nd one.

    1. @D E Lmao you’re the loser. Worrying about what somebody online wants to not put in their body. Get a life and stop trying to tell ppl what to do online

    2. @true patriot You’re the one obsessively posting insults about people who get a vaccine during a pandemic

  7. People in 2020: I cannot wait until this pandemic is over! Just gotta get the vaccine!”
    People in 2021: “Second shot? Meh.”

  8. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

  9. I disagree we need to wait to see how effective these vaccines are long term before opening up travel to Europe. Just asking for it. Until we know for sure.

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  11. You don’t need it at all. Not right now! It’s all round better if people delay their second dose & get it closer to next winter

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