Dr. Sharkawy suggests shutting down "all international travel" to help control the pandemic 1

Dr. Sharkawy suggests shutting down “all international travel” to help control the pandemic


Dr. Abdu Sharkawy says the federal government's new 30-day travel ban on flights from India and Pakistan doesn't go far enough.

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  1. Late the party. Most Cons been saying this over a year. Sadly we are a country that should be on other countried lists.

  2. Why don’t politicians take a pay cut….everyone else is either working for less or lost their jobs but politicians get full pay, and this is their making they created….other countries have testing…you get tested…other countries stop international travel for pleasure, you can still travel for work or business….

    1. It’s unbelievable that they didn’t quarantine Wuhan when they discovered this contagion. Apparently the experts have never watched an outbreak movie….

    2. @N P 100% all reactive, ZERO proactive actions. Ridiculous. Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and so many other countries have beaten the virus because they acted last year. We are 13 months in and still doing random reactionary measures

  3. Master said Dobby can have a fancy sock if only he stops Harry Potter from attending Hogwarts this year!

  4. If they did this at the very beginning like they SHOULD HAVE. Then we would already be done with this crap.

    1. @Dad Channel They could have been much more active than reactive. Everything has been done in reverse. The complete shut down Canada had last March is what they should have been doing at the beginning of this March.

    2. @R U Sirius yeah I agree. I understand that shutting down has implications for the economy and individual workers. But what’s the point of that hesitancy, if you are forced to do the shutdown anyways. I would argue that shutting down later is worse for the economy as higher case counts with this delay means more workplace outbreaks that can disrupt things. Plus having our healthcare system stretched to a thin means you are screwed if you need to see a hospital for something super serious. Cancer surgeries are delayed, staff to patient ratio is getting lower, etc.

    1. @Dad Channel I think at-home quarantine is the best that’s possible. With enforcement via random checks. Possibly increase that enforcement. The scale of the problem is too big for anything else. Canada is not a place like Aus of NZ with a handful of entry points. There’s 100 land crossings spread out over 8000 km.

  5. Sri Lanka has found another mutant variant.. but we won’t see a travel ban on Sri Lanka until half the population have died from it..

  6. Again, this is all about reducing your ability for travel, thusly reducing your individual carbon emissions. This has been the impetus of this manufactured health crisis all along,

  7. Dr Sharkawy wants measures to be science-based but he seems to mean only the relaxation of measures. But when it comes to the imposition of measures: just do what we say OK and don’t look too hard at the numbers.

    1. Would Norway or the Netherlands even want you to immigrate to their country. Usually, unless you have a work based visa hence sponsored, permanent immigration is very difficult.

    2. Why would you not get involved and try to affect change in the country you are in. Ask not what your country can do for you…..

    3. I’d go Norway. Netherlands population density is really high. There’s not a place where you can’t see civilization on the horizon, if not right in front of you.

    4. @Andy Lowell Canada is a sinking ship and doesn’t value its founding stock. Europe is worth much more than Canada for Her diaspora.

  8. Well over a year too late but yes..this needs to be done for the next pandemic.
    In addition we need to shut down provincial travel as well. No reason why cases in Ontario should be spreading to Manitoba.

  9. Thought that was supposed to happen in April 2020. If we had been more like what Australia and New Zealand did we would not be in this situation.

  10. April 25 ’21…so I need ”transfer” this report to the WHO…considering this crisis..condolences for all the lost through the crisis..I had o deal with intolerance in relation to the treatment of culture of disability on the level of services…and due to my specific condition with language barrier ..that is never addressed..also lucking appropriate accommodation in the context…my memory is not functioning the way ..I had expected ..before I started to learn new language ..its very complex syndrome due to deficit with early language training…but I manage to keep it at least fluent on this level at least momentary…concern is still here to work on level of institutional care …since other individuals wouldn’t have this much of initial concentration to start any process of dialogue re rights..my hope is for future that this will be integrate as work within these environment for the benefit of health and wellness…at the moment I suffer from exhaustor..that is not at all priority to address by employee .. i am waiting for the meeting week from now o address issues of not surveilled showers area..many thing could have been addressed timely before…but with my barriers this is only possible to work this much…thank You

  11. Wish international and domestic air travel lockdown came 365 days ago. Also, why is news anchor calling this Indian variant instead of B1 variant. Same logic should have been applied when it was called Covid 19 !!

  12. Totally agree. Unless this is done the virus will never end. This has been totally mishandled from day 1.

  13. Easier said then done but you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s emergency so close up Canada for 30 days and see what happens.

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