Dr. Vin Gupta Blasts GA Governor For Trying To Block Atlanta Mask Mandate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Ash Roskell Its more facts over popular opinions. You CNN sheep can’t tell the difference. Mob mentality rules in your crowd. #yourCNNisshowing

    2. @William H You should ask how’s the ventilator working out for those lucky ones who scoffed at wearing masks.

  1. I feel for you, fellow Americans.
    Many of your state leaders are such let downs.
    And dangerous ones at it.

    1. ​@Mdlclass Worker Terrific Comment! Our Children are the most Very Most Precious Thing In Our World! We don’t want Big Fat No-Nothing Donny Trump telling us how to deal with our Children. We have seen so many Republicans trying to tell us what to do with our Children….Don’t listen to them it’s all about MONEY!
      People like Kemp are TOO busy trying to Kiss Trump’s….We will not be bullied about our most precious Thing in The World….Our Children!

    2. @William H <----- I’ve never seen a troll try and fail as big as this idiot. He’s everywhere. What a friggin loser you have to be to choose a life of trolling.

    3. @Marchant2 Funny how you call me a troll yet I see you posting the same places I post 🤔
      tinyurl.com/y7m4ny8f 🎶

    4. What’s even worse is when they claim to be a Democrat and run for office and ruin a city when in reality they are a Republican

  2. Kemp and other GOP Governors would rather endanger the health of their citizens than admit they’ve failed in their response to this virus.

    1. Their responses are what trump told them to do. The state trump decided to reside in is the worst with covid19 in the world. Florida lied and hid the coronavirus cases, trying to appear that it had very few cases. Florida thank trump and your state leaders for your state withholding information. Someone should be legally responsible for this. Those somebodies should be federal and state leaders! And trump too who refuse to be a leader at all. trump made many people look stupid to is stupid supporters and they bought it! No funerals for you or your live ones. You have follow trump off a high cliff

    2. George Petlowany – You do realize you are STILL able to wear a mask, right? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

      They are giving you the FREEDOM to choose as opposed to making you do it by force

    1. The Damage is already done, America will never be the same again, and it will take years to Corect all the damage, !

    2. Do not say that.. Republicans are changing colors to cause confusion. Notice how trump wears more blue ties now.

  3. Kemp didn’t even know that asymptomatic people could pass on Covid. These Republicans are a danger to their state.

    1. @Ray S
      Your country has the most deaths and cases. Sure keep listening to Kemp and all the other criminals like Trump and Moscow Mitch.

    2. j welsh – Do you believe the media reports 100% honest, accurate, objective and unbiased information?

  4. It’s almost as if DeSantis and Kemp are trying to “out buffoon” one another. I’ve never seen anything like it. Kemp and DeSantis are perfect examples as to why you should never ever vote republican.

    Watching DeSantis go from Macho Man Randy Savage just a month ago, to Little Tiny Tim today, has been a remarkable transformation.

    1. @Just Say’n Exactly. The virus adversely effects minorities populations the most. Coincidence? I think not. They bungled the initial prevention of the virus spread but now it looks like they actually want people to get sick. They don’t want us to vote by mail and yet THEY vote by mail. It’s all a part of their voter suppression efforts. Make people too afraid to vote and/or make it incredibly inconvenient.

    2. You know he brought his wife out as a ploy to mitigate the anger he was going to get from the press and citizens

    3. @Eddie Sanchez I think they are idiots. I have no problem with peaceful protests, I’d have no problem with Trump supporters peacefully protesting something, but when violence breaks out, it has to be dealt with. I have no problem pointing out idiocy on my side.

  5. I truly believe we need to start making candidates and voters alike take IQ tests! If they fall below the nation average they are ineligible to run or vote.

    1. There are not many requirements to be elected to public office.
      There are no education requirements.
      You must be nominated (unless you choose to run as an independent).
      You need to be popular enough to be elected.
      Repeat as required.

      No tests.
      No quiz.
      No sweat.
      Just popularity.
      The ability to lie and deflect are essential.

    2. This isn’t about intelligence. It’s about decency. There is no corrolation between IQ and decency. There’s angels that never graduated high school and devils with PHDs. The sad thing is there is no test to determine that.

  6. Mary tRump has helped lift the veil off of DJtRumps persona & she has un-masked him so we can really see the Wanna-Be Emperor is mad as the MAGA-Mad-Hatter & that he has no clothes & is really ugly bare assed naked!

    1. Actually for anyone who’d been paying attention to DJ Dumpster life, she didn’t say anything about what he is that we didn’t already know.

      She just said why and how he got to be what he is, evil.

      I done need to know about the oranges (origin) of the devil.

      Living with the results of his actions is all anyone needs to know, that he needs to be stopped.

    1. These Republicans want to gain wealth thru office by any means, then they’ll use that wealth to survive while everyone else suffer the consequences they help cause. They figure they’ll just fade out of public view if things don’t turn out their way.

    2. @J N I am beginning to feel like because minorities are the most affected by COVID19, they want them to die, because minorities are not their strongest voting base.

    3. Wake up it’s not the Republicans it’s the Democrats. They have manipulated your mind and you don’t even know it betterhelp try and save this country and no I’m not a republican I’m an independent.

    4. Lilly Patrick – That is a dramatic, far reach, dont you think?? 😂

      Also with your logic, IF it were true, many minorities live in Democratic-run cities for years BEFORE Trump was ever in office with the same high crime and poor living conditions.

  7. Trump’s plan for dealing with the coronavirus is the same plan he had for dealing with that umbrella. And we all saw how that ended.

    1. @Eddie Sanchez but you’re going to have no jobs no health care and covid-19 with Trump dot-dot every Republican president in the past 70 years has put United States and every session within their first term in office

    2. Blake still in the game – You do realize you can STILL wear your mask, right?

      You now have the freedom to do it instead of the government forcing you to do it

    3. @Ray S Only idiots make a big deal about wearing a mask. America will not be defeating the virus no time soon. Too many stupid MFS living in America!!

  8. Man, the US has become such a banana republic. Remember the time China got heat for holding back numbers? Yet here we are.

    1. America has for decades been a hypocrisy unleashed on the world.

      This pandemic just marks the time the average citizen is getting a good look behind the curtain.

      The Pandemic was bad wherever it hit and completely unavoidable but it could have been mitigated with forethought.

      Countries will do better because they solved basic social issues of public health and welfare decades ago that the US has struggled to admit its error on.

      Trump covering up and juking the stats just proves it all the more.

      Good social policies are good for business and ignoring them means business and people will needlessly suffer longer.

  9. Kemp and the rest of the cult will soon be socially destroyed. We out number them 4-1…. bring it.

    1. @Ralph Christ My comment had EVERYTHING to do with the current political situation…the Anti-Trump Anti-American Pro-LGBTQ agenda must be put to sleep Ralph.
      tinyurl.com/yc33oxyl 🎶

    2. An argument, although a ridiculous one, would for example be:“the surge in gender neutral rest rooms is causing a surge in Covid19 cases because those restrooms are so crowded that social distancing is impossible“. That‘s ridiculous of course, but it‘s an argument. You have to stop posting slogans that are meaningless if you want me to take you seriously.

    3. @Ralph Christ Whenever I’m blessed with the opportunity to use a gender neutral restroom I ALWAYS urinate on the toilet seat in a robust fashion.
      tinyurl.com/v7picr3 👀

    4. @William H That’s probably why the cook, dishwasher and waitresses spit on your food before serving you, bon appetite.
      (edit part)
      How do you keep from getting your feet wet while squatting over the seat? Practice?? At home??? Are you on the pee-pee tape???? Was he a good tipper?????

  10. This is the work of Trump’s fascist entourage. Trump himself already let go of the whole “thing”. He’s clueless and leaves it to morons like Miller, Kushner and Navarro.

  11. Kemp of Georgia and DeSatan of Florida are both guilty of genocide – the intentional slaughter of minority people by refusing to do anything to lessen the pandemic. There is no punishment to extreme for these fascist killers.

  12. If Trump hadn’t ended the lockdown so fast the whole covid 19 pandemic would be over, now he wants to force our children into a environment ripe for spreading disease WTF

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