Drone footage captures Hurricane Ian’s destruction in Fort Myers Beach | USA TODAY

This is what Fort Myers Beach looked like a day after Hurricane Ian hit.

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Fort Myers Beach, along with Lee County’s other barrier islands, took the brunt of Hurricane Ian’s assault on Florida’s coastline. The storm, a Category 4 when it made landfall, sent 150 mph winds and a towering storm surge tearing through the town’s center.

Fort Myers, boasting a population of more than 92,000, is a popular city for tourists and spring breakers. The nearby small coastal town of Fort Myers Beach, filled with beach-side bars and hotels and resorts, sits on skinny Estero Island, making it more vulnerable as Ian pounded the region. The town has a population of nearly 6,000.

The cities and towns there were some of the first areas to receive a lashing from the storm. Other areas of the state are still seeing heavy rains and haven't broken free of Ian's grip yet. Local officials and President Joe Biden say the storm is likely to be historically deadly and costly.

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  1. How in the world was their not countless-loss of life .. Hats off to all involved in preparation.. and people heeding warnings ..

    1. Yeah my neighborhood is packed with friends of neighbors that evacuated. Luckily for us we never lost power so they came to a good spot.

    2. @Mitchell wow…So glad to hear it Mitchell… Prayers for the days ahead and you guys keep up your chins up knowing that..

  2. Drone footage captures Hurricane Ian’s destruction in Fort Myers Beach | USA TODAY 1514pm 30.9.22 makes this more schmaltzy than it should be – the incidental music… hmmmmmmmm…. that could easily be a seen of carnage from any middle eastern warring enclave. p.s it also makes it seem, the footage, that is, that the storm was very discerning re: what it left standing and what it laid to waste…

    1. Totally agree.. I saw this earlier with no schmaltzy music (or end ads) associated with a local newspaper. Cannot now relocate.

    2. @CelticBearWoman Drone footage captures Hurricane Ian’s destruction in Fort Myers Beach | USA TODAY 1844pm 30.9.22 relocate? the power of the weather, for sure… as for tawdry incidental music supposedly there to induce some semblance of sympathy – i think the sympathy would be a given, anyway… though not much we can do about it. the weather, that is. and after all is said and done i feel this storm would have been pretty much awe inspiring if not instilling fear into anyone who was in the vicinity of it’s wrath…

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    1. @Ross M It’s longer than the life of any one person. Many people have enjoyed living on the Florida shores since the 1920’s boom. Get off your high horse. You aren’t as clever as you think.

    2. @Pelican1984 sea levels have risen sharply since the 1920s which just validates my point further rather than refuting it. Keep ‘em coming pal.

  4. So sad to see. I was just here less than a week ago visiting my parents. My parents moved to Fort Myers 3 months ago and their place was completely underwater but they’re alive which is all that matters.

  5. I saw a brief interview with a woman in Fort Myers: “Our house is gone. I knew this could happen, but didn’t think it would happen to *us*!” – Bad things only happen to other people???

    Positive-bias is a dangerous thing. To be brutally honest, all Floridians should expect this to happen if they live near the coast less than 10-feet above sea level. Less than 30-years from today, sea levels will have risen ~4-feet in populated areas like Tampa Bay and Cape Coral, not to mention the barrier islands. 15-inches per year! These places will be inundated and submerged for millenia.

    “Overall, sea level rise is making the odds of a South Florida flood reaching more than 4-feet above high tide by 2050. On par with the odds of losing at Russian roulette. More than half the population of more than 100 Florida towns and cities currently live on land below that 4-foot line.”

    The opposite word (antonym) for “Paradise” is “Hell”.

    1. I think what you wrote here is explained very clearly and I too have ideas on city planning and the coast. Unfortunately you are talking to humans. The only ones hearing your message are insurance companies not residents. Some women when finding out about a surprise pregnancy will say ” I didn’t think it would happen to me”. That has been said for 100’s of years so good luck fighting old fashion stupidity and a strong desire to not understand mother nature.

    2. Yes, the “I didn’t think it can happen to us” mentality, well….. Anything good and horrifically bad can happen to anyone at any time including loosing your house to a weather related event..

  6. That’s nuts. This was supposed to originally hit us here in manatee county head on. Can’t even imagine. Been in Florida forever, and been lucky so far.

  7. PPL OPEN FIRE HYDRANTS FOR CLEAN WATER. Boil to drink to be safe ofc but that’s what we did after hurricane Katrina

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