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  1. It seems persons at tvj didn’t do Geography in School, because they would know that Dunrobin is not located below the ministry of justice, but situated above it. Using the public office of the minister of justice as a waypoint for nearby areas that would be affected by limited water shut off, indicates the level of classism being portrayed by this news agency, whose board members are politically affiliated.

  2. Jamaica the land of wood and water. What happen to the water. No improvement. In the country water supply. But we building gated community and no improvement on the infrastructure of the country.

  3. For the past couple of years jamaica have been flooded so they couldn’t build dams or wells. Jamiaca is better off than most countries with rainfall and sea around us and still we can’t get it right .years now jamiaca have water problem

    1. The government can invest in reverse osmosis plants ,take water from the sea fliter it out and pump it in the piplines

  4. i live in Whitehall Negril where tourists on beach road have water but the people must survive. its sad the country does have water the citizens just aren’t the priority. we need to strike.

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