Drunk-driver that caused $10 million home explosion in Ont. suing company for serving her alcohol

The Kitchener, Ont. woman involved in an impaired driving crash that resulted in a massive explosion on Woodman Avenue in Aug. 2019, is suing the company that provides food and drinks at Budweiser Gardens.

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  1. It’s not their fault they ejected you from the event They were obviously monitoring you because they saw you were intoxicated It’s up to you being the responsible adult not to drive drunk…

  2. the food services company did not order the drinks for her or put the drinks up to her lips and made her drink. she made the choice to be irresponsible and in her impaired state chose to drive. the food services company cannot know in advance who is driving and who is not. this is a a case of someone looking to blame someone else for their actions and should be thrown out of court.

    1. Lol F Budweiser. It’s not all her fault. They are negligent. You want to lick cop boots, meanwhile another dumb kid is getting trashed there, right now.

    1. …… and the Gas Company that provided fuel so she could drive impaired …. utterly ridiculous. It’s become a shameful world in almost countless ways.

  3. What happened to personal responsibility? 3 years? Should have been 10 years based on the damages and after 3 years she still doesn’t want to take responsibility

  4. What happened to personal liability, personal responsibility? Oh right, pass the buck! Cash in! It was ‘her’ responsibility to have arranged a ride home, they were monitoring her which is why she was asked to leave. All they can do is what they did, they cannot babysit every alky.

  5. If she makes that stick, then we are all in danger of been sued for some knock on blame, what it is there are too many Lawyers try to chase money and enough idiots to make that possible.
    She was drunk in charge of a vehicle after all, her decision !
    Gaz UK.

  6. I believe in BC companies that overserve someone can be held responsible, for some time now. Still of one screws like this or in general – It won’t likely end well for them

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