Dying for care: How nursing homes failed during COVID-19 | USA TODAY

A USA TODAY investigation has traced a string of casualties back to one nursing home chain, Trilogy Health Services.

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A USA TODAY investigation has traced the casualties back to one nursing home chain, Trilogy Health Services, owned by a real estate venture with a new business plan for the cutthroat world of elder care.

The deal promised a historic investment opportunity, then delivered the highest death rates reported by any large nursing home chain at the height of the pandemic.

Residents at Trilogy’s 115 campuses died of COVID-19 last winter at twice the national average for nursing homes, USA TODAY found, based on figures facilities must file weekly with the federal government.

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  1. Congress just gave its self a pay raise as its approval rating is 18%
    While you pay top dollar for gas and goods they get a discount and a pay raise.

  2. Remember this:: your parents took care of you from birth. For many yrs they did. When parents get so they can’t do things anymore,, the children should step up and care for them. Make that effort , their time on earth is short, from that point on. And when there gone, there gone.
    I took care of my parents till the their end days. I made that effort i change my living just for them.
    Its a lot to do, but so were we when born.!!!

  3. It’s an awful system, the work is awful, dreary, dealing with body fluids of patients who only get worse.
    It’s a broken system.

  4. Your love ones will not get the care they need if they don’t start paying their C.N.A better.C.N.A do all the care for the residents and get paid the least.Look at this way Walmart pays better.

    1. @Margaret Rosin no. Nurses pay no less than $50,000 for school. It costs around $800 to get a cna license.

    1. Which gods are saving everyone? Or anyone, for that matter. Mythological characters have no power. Humans, however, have the sense and ability to do everything that can be done. Those who excuse themselves from any responsibility to fellow humans are only doing just that – excusing themselves from responsibility.

  5. first before the covid was the nursing homes taking care of your family members, then you should had removed your famiy member from there when you first heard it was killing the elderly. we are all accountable. were they suppose to know how to fix this when government was completely in the dark.

  6. My husband worked in a nursing home, when Covid hit his hospital there were no formal safety systems in place for either workers or patients even though cdc was providing them ( hospital mgmt) with safety information. The nurses and drs soon began wearing PPE but there was none of this proper PPE for all staff. When CNNs began getting Covid and reporting it to management, they kept the information to themselves, the other workers/patients who had been exposed were kept in the dark. My husband almost died from this situation. He didn’t have the proper PPE but told to enter Covid patients room to assist due to short staffing or because others were refusing. He was informed months later that 15 patients died the week he got sick. Lack of proper CDC information was passed to employees, lack of proper PPE was made available, lack of emergency quarantine procedures not immediately implemented to protect patients or healthcare workers, yet management threatened employees who refused to do their jobs due to no PPE.

  7. As if the healthcare system for seniors (and really, the entire healthcare system) in the US wasn’t broken enough, it’s scary to think that, in addition to that, half the nation believes that the elderly and infirm are acceptable losses in a pandemic just so long as it means they don’t have to take the pandemic seriously enough to take any kind of preventative actions themselves.

  8. failed to protect the only places that needed to be protected and then screwed everyone else over. Great job!

  9. It was hard in the nursing home before Covid. I alone was taking care of 25 people by myself and cleaning and maintaining peace and order among afflicted people. People with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and Sun Downing disorders. Sun Downing is when they change into violent or outspoken or overly confident people at night. There wasn’t enough help before Covid, I can’t imagine how hard it was with Covid but even with Covid I didn’t go back, nothing could make me go back. It was horrible for both the residents and the employees. I didn’t put my mother in a home when she was dying, I knew she would die faster. So we took care of her, used our Love as that’s it’s purpose.

    1. I am so honored to hear your story and I’m sure many others who read it will feel the same God bless you and countless ways I’m sending light and love and pure abundance to come your way

    2. I am so honored to hear your story and I’m sure many will feel the same way after reading it. I am sending healing light and love to you what you did for your mother was so beautiful

    1. Absolutely. “ it’s ten or so people coming in from China, soon it will be one.” Or the classic,, “we are rounding the turn.”

    2. @Frank Police Squad Oh, I didn’t realize she was getting the same intelligence information as the president of the United States..

  10. It’s an airborne infection, there is no gloves or gowns or face shields that can stop this infection inside a communal living facility. The only thing that would do any good for the people forced to live there is mandatory minimum staffing and profit control.

  11. My Gf is a Nurse, Currently She’s an RN for Hospice which has been no less busy since Covid and she has Family who are Nurses in Elderly Assisted Living / Nursing Homes, from my 3rd person observation the reason things are so bad in so many ways is in a big degree the Treatment and lack of care for many Medical staff and nurses who are people themselves with families, fears, lives and dreams. with hours and workloads that feel antiquated in their immense expectations of people.

    I’ve told her its astounding to me how anyone would choose to do this work in todays world.
    I’m more of a “Ill Take a Dog on Mars” type of person.
    I care about people but not like my Gf and the people around her professionally and I guess that’s kind of why I wanted to leave a comment on this issue,
    Because to me I see a lot of effort from the Majority of people working in the Medical system and they don’t get enough thanks as it is and I’d be lying if I said I was as aware of that beforehand.

    Sorry for the long drawn out comment, regardless of anything I just want to take a moment of gratitude for Medical Staff all over the world right now, The People who actually care and are putting aside their personal lives, families, hobbies, dreams and more are trying to save a world that wouldn’t always do the same for them. and as someone who can admit they are not strong enough to share that sentiment I sure can respect the hell out of it. Even if only because its the MO of someone who makes me better than I ever thought myself capable of being 💖 Stay Well All 🙏💖✨

  12. The elderly are the forgotten in the US. It’s disgusting but true. What is wrong with people that they can’t help their own parents when in need? Humans suck.

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