E. Jean Carroll says Trump is ‘incorrect’ about civil trial jury

E. Jean Carroll speaks to "CNN This Morning" about the Manhattan federal jury's finding that Donald Trump sexually abused Carroll in a luxury department store dressing room in the spring of 1996 and awarded her $5 million for battery and defamation. #CNN #News


    1. It doesn’t matter what they ask him. He’ll just say whatever he wants to say. It’ll just be another free election commercial for DJT. Another rant. 2016 all over again. The media never learns.

    1. No he is not she was abused by those basketball playing Americans she is just to afraid to say it cause she will be cancelled

  1. Congratulations, Ms. Carroll, and thank you on behalf of all women who have gone unheard or told to be quiet after similar situations. You gave me strength today and strength for myself and so many women going forward. ❤ #youknowhedidit

    1. ​@Michael Whitted I think softball questions. He probably has a list of questions they can only ask.

  2. Well maybe if he hadn’t bragged about assaulting women, not given an awful deposition and actually mounted a defense, then maybe he wouldn’t have been found liable! Sounds like it is his own fault and not a problem with the NY legal system!

    1. He was obviously coached on the picture of his ex wife and he said “yeah that is Marla. ” As he points at E.Jean Carroll. The lawyer nudges him “no you dumby your other wife Ivana.” Even coached before hand

    2. This is the same person who claims that he could negotiate with Putin the end to the Ukraine war in 24 hours. LOL!

    1. 😂😂😂 .. he’s not going to pay her it’s a civil trial not criminal it’s basically judge Joe brown .. but in this case she waited 30 years and waited a year before voting 🤭🤭🤔🤔 … btw she said rape is sexy

  3. It’s funny how he didn’t show up to testify to clear his name, but goes on TV saying how unfair and unjust the trial was and how they hate him.

  4. The judge did go out of his way to give you (Trump) EVERY opportunity to share your testimony in court. Now he’s flapping his jaws about an unfair trial. Mob boss.

    1. Lmao no he fucking did not. If you watched the twitter reporting from people in the courtroom, that Judge opposed Tacopima and kneecapped Trumps defense team every chance he got

    1. Because he was found liable not guilty. And because the decision will eventually be overturned on appeal.

  5. Upon hearing Trump’s rant about flying back early to confront Carroll in court. The judge tried to accommodated Trump by extending the deadline until 5 pm on Sunday. When Trump didn’t show, it proved he’s chicken sh*t. If he did show, he would of been screwed.

  6. A lot of women have been sexually abused by men that did not completed the act but nevertheless it left them traumatized for the rest of their life. A married woman but not tell she has been rape because her husband will not understand why she did not fight her rapist till he killed her. I had a man break in my apartment I did not scream because my children was in the other room all I kept thinking was get out of this with your life and the life of your children. When he saw my children looking at him he left me alone. I was 21 years old at the time and I am in my sixties and I still feel that same fear years later. It never goes away. So now women supposed to be ok with a sex abuser running for the highest position in the land. What kind of messages is that sending rapists and child molesters?

    1. I hope that you can, ultimately, come to terms with the horrible situation that rapist inflicted on you

  7. My mother said the same thing too me, archaic view points. My rapist assaulted and killed the next woman. Trust your gut people. There is no perfect victim but maybe there is hope for the perfect resolve? Thanks E. Jean Carroll!

    1. The woman knows every detail of the assault. Where it happened. What he did. What she was wearing. What he was wearing. And she knows within plus or minus 5 years when it took place. Incredible memory. Sobbing hysterically on the stand to recount every detail including sometime within the past decade it took place.

  8. 5:31 Joe Tacopina “is sort of like an 18th Century strutting peacock.” Oh, E. Jean…snap! BEST description! Keep repeating that: “He did it, and you know it.” I predict this will be a new rallying cry in the women’s rights movement, right up there with “We believe Anita.”

  9. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.. He could have rounded up all his exes to testify on his behalf. But they could not find a single character witness who has had a positive sexual experience…

  10. Listen to how he blasts the judge, when the JURY convicted him. Good thing those folks were anonymous.

    That man is a danger: from the dressing room to the Capitol.

    1. A dressing room with how many people going in and out constantly? 20? Sounds like a long list of complisitors.

    2. The judge set many unprecedented rules that cut completely against courtroom norms. This verdict will be overturned on appeal and one of the reasons will be the judge’s poor level of professionalism. In fact, this case should have been thrown out in summary multiple times during its course.

  11. I’m so so so happy for her!! I can’t even imagine how that feeling feels after all these years! Hope she has a happy love filled life going forward, she absolutely deserves it

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