1. @alexleanh We are all watching, what a performance,give us more, free entertainment , but we feel your pain such a delicious pain give us more😂🤣😂

    2. @jim perkins Hardly, junior. You is NOT “we all”. Dream on, son! Your pain will come to you in your sleepless night with nightmares from shame and embarrassment within this encounter. I gave you lectures after lectures as a teacher to an incorrigible student. Back to the Mark Twain’s quote, junior! Haha.

    3. @alexleanh Do you enjoy living a lie?
      Trump endorsed 231 candidates and 219 of those won.
      1. The democrat party is dead
      2. The old GOP is dead

    4. @alexleanh That’s almost a 95% success rate and that’s why you and your daddy’s cannot stop talking about him. If he was no threat you would not be flapping them gums 24/7.
      Trump is no threat! But alas arrest him and the pillowman for dare questioning our empire. They will not question our political daddy’s.

    5. @GiantMeteor2024 Our southern border has become the human trafficking hub of the world, congratulations on your achievements Dr evil.

    1. If you support that literal joke of a president and think he is helping us… then there is no hope for you. I’m done. Good luck

    2. @Kollin W. I said you are a victim of Mercer social engineering algorithms and other Russian Active Measures. Your opinion is meaningless because it isn’t even yours, but the result of s hit ton of disinformation and highly orchestrated and targeted brainwashing. In other words, you are but a potato attempting to converse with a human. But I guess that makes ME the crazy one, talking to potato and all.

    3. @Kollin W. Fun Fact: Cali is so much nicer than where you live. Sheep don’t run from people. Another fun fact… 70% of all US GDP is created in counties that voted for Dark Brandon and 30% of Made in America happens in counties that trump won.

    4. @Kollin W. You should just keep driving drunk and not getting a shot, as long as never have to think about how many of the million preventable deaths that trump caused were yours, right?

    1. @Jnnnx LOL. You guys have been abusing the justice system to persecute Trump since he came down the escalator. This is just another DNC attack that will go nowhere. But you keep holding on to the “we got him now” narrative if that makes you happy. LOL.

    1. @Turkey Sammich Afeerd not this time.

      The Stolen Documents
      *FISA: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

      *ORCON: Originator Controlled (only the originator has dissemination authority of the documents)

      *NOFORN: No Foreign (for American eyes only. Even foreign entities with the correct credentials cannot access these)

      *SI: Special Intelligence

      *NDI: National Defense Information

      January 6th and Election Law violations
      US CODE
      *Seditious conspiracy
      *Inciting insurrection
      *Conspiracy to defraud the U.S.
      *Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding

      “U.S. District Judge David O. Carter agreed. “Based on the evidence, the Court finds it more likely than not that President Trump corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021,” Carter wrote in an order in March.

      In the order rejecting Eastman’s claims of privilege on the basis that a crime had likely been committed, Carter described the scheme by Eastman and Trump as “ a coup in search of a legal theory ” and said “the illegality of the plan was obvious.””

      Federal Charge: 52 U.S. Code Section 20511

      State charges:
      *Section 21-2-603 – Conspiracy to commit election fraud
      *Section 21-2-604 – Solicitation of election fraud

      *GA Code § 21-2-566 Election crimes generally
      *GA Code § 16-4-7 – Criminal solicitation

      Your little orange turkey going down faster than he did in Helsinki

    2. Tomas Pita,
      Love woman. I just do not like opportunistic victimhood that belittles actual victims of sex crimes.

  1. Its about time. This also covers a lot of sexual abuse committed by clergy members. Every state should allow this legal remedy, without any time limit.

    1. thats the funny part. a law that strikes down time limits, which has a time limit. you can’t make this crap up. lmfao

    2. Let’s ignore Tara Reade’s case though. Yes, sure she too is a woman but we should be very careful and selective when it comes to justice…

    3. My step-dad terrorized me for years. Even if I could pursue justice the thought of bringing him BACK into my life after all these years is a deterrence.

  2. How can your legal argument when you claim somone who accuses you of assult isn’t “your type” be that you were acting in the capacity of President?

    1. We have the understand that there is an unresolved sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden. The media attempted to hide or diminish the sexual assault account. The victim stated that she was actually penetrated by Joe and she told her friends. This still has not been resolved. The media is hiding.

  3. The least of Old Donnie’s problems is defending a rape case. Think about how rotten you have to be to have a rape case as your least serious law case.

  4. Waste of time. Call me up when something actually sticks to this guy. Any ordinary citizen would have been imprisoned for a lot of what he has been accused of so far.

  5. she still has the dress and his dna on it his goose is cooked now that this new law has taken effect. once they get his dna then there is no way for him to argue his way out of that.more power to you Ms. Carroll

    1. @Sean McCartney Yes I believe the woman who has submitted actual evidence that proves her case. I’m biased towards actual evidence.

    1. @The Equalizer Biden sure made a lot of money as Vice President. Let’s start there. I bought a dossier full of Biden rumors. I think we can use it to get some wire taps on the White House.

      He doesn’t need constitutional protection. We need to find something on him. That’s how it works, right?


    3. @Jay Bee I think the OP was referring to Trump’s sexual assaults, tax evasion, election interference, fraud, extortion, witness tampering, embezzlement, violations of the espionage act and orchestrating a domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol.

    4. @princeoftidds I thought he just denied the results of an election on Jan. 6th. It was Ray Epps who told people to go inside the Capital building.

      Tax evasion is 100% legal. That’s why John Kerry parks his yacht in a different state, to avoid tax. I do everything possible to keep my tax bill as low as possible. In fact, 47% of the country pay NO Federal income taxes.

      Beyond that, Trump hasn’t been convicted of anything. This is America Ivan. We don’t use Napoleonic Law. Here, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

      South American countries use Napoleonic Law. Are you from there? Did Koch import you?

  6. She, and I quote, “wasn’t his type”, which infers he has a ‘type’ that he will force himself on if they deny his advances. Jesus!! Saying the quiet part out loud and his worshippers eat it up.

  7. I never got up enough courage to confront my abuser. The abuse started when I was just a few years old… in the 50s and my abuser died after 2005… I always wished I had spoken out, tried to on three different occasions many years apart but just felt no one would believe me, no one would do anything to him. These people don’t just wait for the “opportune” moment… they open up when they become strong enough, angry enough or whatever motivates them. They are not lying and deserve justice even if it’s severely delayed.

    1. @Uchiha E Jean Carroll is successful in her own right, as an author, journalist and columnist. Her estimated net worth is about $6M as of 2019. This isn’t about money.

    2. @Werner Tutsch you’re one of the few on yt who can actually listen to an idea without shouting or offending. I wish you all the best, have a great life!

    3. @Wai Fai thanks……and unfortunately I have to agree as in most of the discussions the “style of the communication” gets a bit weird……to put it mildly…..

  8. What is the current number of lawsuits against him, that Trump is engaged in?
    Granted that his reputation of not even paying up his own lawyers, how does he continue paying them (advance fees, retainers, etc), and from what source?
    So, if the Federal courts are in the process of indicting him for many financial scams, can’t they just ‘follow the money’?

  9. Whom Can We Trust If No One Is Trustworthy?
    One of my favorite quips from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is when Tom is defined as “a glittering hero…the pet of the old, the envy of the young,” and there were “some that believed that he would be President, yet, if he escaped hanging.” With these few words, Twain captured the essence of leadership in our world. Those who get to the top are the fiercest, most determined, and most ruthless. Today, the latter quality has become so intense that we can no longer believe our leaders, and certainly not trust them to have our best interest in mind.
    I am not accusing any leader in particular, or even leaders as a whole. It is simply that in an egoistic world, where people vie to topple one another on their way to the top, the one at the top is clearly the one who trampled over and knocked down more people than anyone else. Concisely, to get to the top in an egoistic world you have to be the biggest egoist.
    So how do we know whom to trust? We don’t know and we cannot know. All we know is that we are in the dark.
    In a culture of unhinged selfishness, any conspiracy theory seems reasonable, while truth is nowhere to be found. When every person who says or writes something is trying to promote some hidden agenda, you have no way of knowing who is right, what really happened, or if anything happened at all.
    The only way to get some clarity in the news and goodwill from our leaders is to say “Enough!” to our current system and build something entirely independent. The guiding principle of such a system should be “information only,” no commentary. Commentary means that information has already been skewed. Information means saying only what happened, as much as possible, not why, and not who is to blame and who we should praise.
    Concurrently, we must begin a comprehensive process of self-teaching. We have to know not only what is happening, but why we skew and distort everything. In other words, we have to know about human nature and how it inherently presents matters according to its own subjective view, which caters to one’s own interest. To “clear” ourselves from that deformity, we must learn how to rise above our personal interest and develop an equally favorable attitude toward others. This is our only guarantee that our interpretation of things will be even and correct.
    Once we achieve such an attitude, we will discover that the bad things we see in our world reflect our own, internal wickedness. Our ill-will toward others creates a world where ill-will governs, and so the world is filled with wickedness and cruelty. Therefore, all we need in order to create positive leadership—and to generally eliminate ill-will from the world—is to generate goodwill within us. When we nurture goodwill toward others, we will fill the world with goodwill. As a result, the world will fill with kindness and compassion. By changing ourselves, we will create a world that is opposite from the world we have created through our desires to govern, patronize, and often destroy other people.

    1. @Jeff Dixon Nice use of linking verbs nerd. “is that the truth is.”
      Yeah I don’t have the cognitive strength. Sure buddy.

    2. @Hill Win Probably a typo. This is one of the attacks by the left: they try and convince everyone that ‘typos’ are the equivalent of having no argument. A typo does not equate with an incorrect progression of thought. It is JUST a typo. Nice try but what you are doing is supremely dishonest and only reveals the lack of a real position that is defensible.

      More insults by you then because you can debate me? If you are capable of debate why do you need insults. It is called an ad hominem attack. So then … restate my points here one at a time , challenge them one at a time with real argument – if you are able – and I will respond. Go ahead and prove that you are more than dishonest and that you have to resort to a fallacious approach rather than one grounded in a cogently. You say you have cognitive strength … let’s see it in an honest dissection of what I say. Or you can just once again prove that people without an argument do nothing but throw insults, use dishonest tactics and then … RUN AWAY!

    3. When you nurture goodwill toward a scorpion, you’re still going to get stung. It’s the nature of scorpions to sting. Some people are, by nature, vile predators who prey upon the weaker. You’re not going to change vile predators by being a sweetie.

  10. Until seeing what is actually happening many do not beleve. Many will see and still not believe. The people who stand against what is happening concerning all of us, see through the mudddle and understand what is at stake. All this noise is a ruse to keep many from seeing. The eyes are wide with all sorts of pushed insanity, but the mind closed.

  11. We have the same rule in CA as far as I know. No matter when you were abused or raped, etc. The statute of limitations no longer applies. So, girls and ladies, if you want and deserve justice for what was done to you get an attorney on contingency. You don’t pay until the attorney wins for you. Know your rights and take on your abuser.

    1. @Milley Isasoyboy Same holds true for politicians who lie about a stolen election. Five heroes died in the line of duty thanks to his January 6th – he should pay for their deaths, shouldn’t he soyboy?

    2. But the Left can’t define the word Woman. How can this proceed? Previously she said she was raped without contact.

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