E-Mails Show Racism Stephen Miller Brought To Trump White House | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at the white nationalist references in e-mails written by White House policy advisor Stephen Miller, obtained and published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the year before he joined the Donald Trump administration. Aired on 12/24/19.
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E-Mails Show Racism Stephen Miller Brought To Trump White House | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Miller is a Jewish, if he thinks that he is going to replace the White Supremacists, he is in deep trouble, like the chicken that Supports Colonel Sanders…..

    2. This is just more of Maddow connecting dots. SPLC has been exposed and discredited. Both are discredited. You can only cry ‘racist’ so many times and people stop listening. Maddow and MSM crossed that line 2 years ago.

  1. Weird this from a Jewish boy think he has a screw loose like old bone spurs πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜€to laugh if it was’nt so sad Cape Town South AfricaπŸ‘ŽπŸŒπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

    1. Montana fishing Fun This country has been like this since it’s inception. There have been generations of this kind of hatred with little to now consequences. When there are no consequences for your actions, why stop?

    2. Classy Lady Excellent point! However Yellowstone Volcano or Long Valley Caldera erupting, will be Karma for all the pain, that these human demons have inflicted on the aboriginal peoples!

  2. I’ve seen more documentaries about the Nazis than I care to remember, but Stephen Miller would fit like a glove within the Nazi Party and I suspect he would inflict the most inhumane treatment upon his fellow humans (yeah Steve, you heard it; your fellow humans) without batting an eye.

    1. Miller is Jewish.If he were in Germany during Hitler’s time he would have been killed or forced into slave labour by the Nazis.That’s how stupid this guy is thinking he fits in with these racists.

    2. @Alex M …You’re ignorant of the NAZIS. When it served their purpose they declared people with Jewish blood aryan.

      They also used other Jewish people to find Jews in hiding.

      No, Miller would fit right in.

      Remember, after they come for everyone else they’ll come for you and yours.

    3. Robert, th only argument from me is the use of the term “your fellow humans”, I am a human, but S.M. (sado-masochist?) is not my fellow. He is in fact the enemy of humanity, america and love!

  3. The horrible thing about all this is that while Trump is old and won’t be around much longer, Miller is only in his 30s and will probably resurface some time after the Trump presidency to sow more discord with the American public.

    1. @Rick Nash
      Thanks so much for your judicious and sarcastic resume of this nightmare. For me, “citizen of the world “, there is no surviving the grotesque madness and sadness of it all, and not only in your country.. without humour!!!!!!!! 😁 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

  4. Miller is a proofe that Trump is a racist.
    If Trump wasn’t racist, he would fire Miller. Actually, he would never _hired_ Miller!

    1. @Trump is God’s messenger you’re definitely laughing at yourself.
      Because more investigations are still going and more documents just came out from Ukraine

    2. @Trump is God’s messenger how many indictments 199? How many Republicans guilty and going to jail. And more to come.

    3. @Tony Williams
      Sorry to burst your bubble but Barr has already brought 4,000 indictments and all of them were democrats.
      More to come.

    4. @Trump is God’s messenger where’s the proof because Barr is being investigated as well.
      And Durham said he didn’t agree with some of the ig report.
      No Democrat been arrested like Republicans so try again lol

  5. A sad, pathetic excuse of a human being, who could never make friends with anyone, and blames his own inadequacies on others to make himself feel superior.

    1. What kind of President would allow someone like that in the
      White House?…….not to mention take advice from them…….the
      whole thing is mind-boggling……thank goodness this will be a one-term

    1. @petros593 , Discrimination should bother not only the Victims but all Citizens the same way! That is my point… when it is let go to far … than the 3rd Newton law is applied.
      People do not care mostly, and they do not see often how they take advantage of a System and discriminate other despite the Race or any other differences they think they are!
      Well, many communities have been damaged and they hate the establishment.
      So, the only thing they could do is to support anybody who is against the rest of leaders who brought America down!
      Whether he is the right Person or not, that is another question!
      I do not think that the “Democrats” care so much as not to be Corrupted and allow the Corporation to destroy Democracy in America?! So, once you destroy it and turned it into a pseudo-Democracy… then it is matter of time for Someone to take advantage of it with the help of a foreign Dictatorship.
      The rising powers of today are the Chine and India… could be others more evil… but a Democracy could not survive in any country when is playing entanglement with Dictatorships of Huge Populations.
      I think bringing 300 million Indian or Chines in America… would turn the country into a Indian or Chines owned Colony!

  6. As a custodian, I’ve wanted to smack that arrogant, smug look off Stephen Miller’s dead eyed face since I saw the video of him demanding to know why students should be forced to clean up after themselves since the school has custodians.

  7. Once more miller is there because trump like what he doing let not forget trump father was associated with the KKK and trump himself has stated that he was a nationalist…

  8. this country will be so much better when these sociopaths and psychopaths are no longer in positions of authority. the insanity and the filth they spread is shocking in and of itself, but that it is still going on in 2019 gives one the feeling of having been transported into some alternate universe. ty dr maddow.

  9. …and this guy still has a job in the White House. Shows you what the Republicans and Trump Administration care about….scary stuff that this guy is defended

  10. 200 evangelicals white I might add support Stephen Miller and Trump yet they claim to love Israel and love the things of Jesus Christ. Stephen Miller puts little babies in cages not to mention other terrible things he and others have cooked up and are planning in the next couple of months. What these evangelicals have done is terrible they have set the spreading of the Gospel to the unbeliever back tremendously. This is why a man sleeping under the bridge or anyone hurting finds it very difficult to come into any church for relief or help.

    1. Perhaps it’s because you have no FAITH in God? Faith is believing he has it handle so the real reason you do not seek God is you have no faith in him.

    2. @The Artist Shay Mallory I’m not a weak Christian I am well-rounded and my faith is beyond anything you could ever imagine this is the kind of faith that tells the sun do not go down yet and it is so . you are the one who has no concept of reality and simple truth you yield yourself to Donald Trump an immoral disturbed lier without shame or repentence, who follows nothing from the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ yet you have the nerve to spit out bitter diatribes to someone who has the authority to move time and space and bend it to the will of God according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit your name should be on that list with the 200 evangelicals if you can even call them that. You have not seen tue worst of trump, but it’s comimg and it will make even you say “how could i have been so blind”.

  11. Trump Bought every twisted weird evil thing he could find, ln the White House and made them his Staff, They fit right in with his Agenda and plans, So now their looking for Black Voters, You can’t make this πŸ’© up ! πŸ™„

    1. well….maybe not all of them. We will know for sure about the Republican Senators when we see which of them vote to acquit Trump in the face of all the evidence.

  12. The entire white horse inn 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., is racist. trump told the world he is a nationalist and his everyday actions prove what he is.

    1. The battle has intensified. Nationalism is a virtuous sentiment – loyalty to, and support of one’s own nation and its unique heritage. The dark side tries to pervert it by inserting the word ‘white’, making it white nationalism, invoking racist crap. Then it’s just a short walk to white supremacy. See how that works? Nationalism is demonized. The fake news people are lying to you.
      It’s gotten so bad that the dark forces have attempted to redefine ‘nationalism’ in the on-line dictionaries, suggesting that nationalist ideology is upheld to the detriment of other nations. NO. National sovereignty is the ideal, worldwide. One world globalism is the enemy.

    1. Linda Terry have you forgotten about all of the headline killers and rapists from the 60’, 70’s and 80’ who were white I might add? Perhaps your childhood differed from my own but we never left our home unlocked- we weren’t stupid for Christ’s sake.

    2. Trump is God’s messenger I think you missed the entire point, which judging from your moniker is no surprise.

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