E-sports course now offered for credit to students in high school

E-sports course now offered for credit to students in high school 1


Some high school students in Ottawa can now take their gaming to the next level while earning a course credit.

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22 Comments on "E-sports course now offered for credit to students in high school"

  1. GameDiagram1688 | September 4, 2019 at 9:56 PM | Reply

    This is awesome lol

  2. And how do you grade that

  3. Ridiculous

  4. 1:35 “If you like video games.. come here.” And there it is. The school’s motivation is very transparent. They will try anything to attract more students to enroll. smh

  5. I like video games but this is stupid. How is this going to improve a person’s education?

  6. Brain dead Canadian curriculum

  7. I failed grade 9 because of Diablo 2.

  8. Iv played video games my whole life but this is beyond stupid.

  9. Don’t tell me Canada is going to follow America down the drain.
    Get your kids outdoors !!!!!!!!!

  10. Abcs Yhhi3jejej | September 5, 2019 at 12:03 AM | Reply

    Lol hahahah

  11. Rajkiran Natarajan | September 5, 2019 at 12:23 AM | Reply


    Playing video games isn’t going to make you a better graphics designer or programmer lol. That’s what Comp sci in high school is for.

    I sense some division at the school got money, they blew it on gaming pc’s, made a “course”, and some teachers get a cut of the funding.

  12. So what’s the homework? 100 headshot kills with a side arm?

  13. I am a gamer, but as others has said, this is so stupid.

  14. Videos games are suppose to be for fun, I honestly lost so much of my time playing video games and I still do today but I learned from my mistakes. I tried to go Professional but there is no point once the S. Koreans get their hands on a game

  15. I would argue that if you get credit for bouncing a ball then you can get credit for chess or video games. It’s just really letting the student choose an extra curricular activity. Y’all need to wake up and smell the graphic cards. No ones forcing you to dance in a play, play the piano, or compete in a video game. Let the kids have fun.

  16. Whaaaaaaat⁉️. What planet am I on⁉️ How in the hell did we get to this point⁉️ They do not need high paid teachers and corrupt school boards wasting tax payers money to learn about video games‼️. O….M…..G‼️ They are perfectly capable doing that on their own. In fact this brings to light the fact that our 19th century school model is very very outdated and trying to survive with ridiculousness‼️

  17. Dreaming of becoming the next ninja is the quickest way to trapping yourself in your parent’s basement, kids. Get a proper education and create some options for yourselves. “Team work and communication”. Yeah, something that nearly everyone in the workforce had developed when they were kids doing more useful tasks. Doesn’t actually give you a cutting edge above the competition. Quite wasting your time.

  18. whispers from my arse say | September 5, 2019 at 7:17 AM | Reply

    This includes as gym? wtf

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