E.U. Approves Plan To Reopen To Vaccinated Visitors | MSNBC 1

E.U. Approves Plan To Reopen To Vaccinated Visitors | MSNBC


The European Union agreed on Wednesday to reopen its borders to visitors who have been fully vaccinated with an approved shot, according to reporting. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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E.U. Approves Plan To Reopen To Vaccinated Visitors | MSNBC


    1. @saxking101 I see someone screaming in the comments section I do the same as some nut-job screaming in the street. Ignore and side step.

    1. Same in Canada and Canada isn’t using the AstraZeneca vaccine that America America gave us cause of blood clotting. Our government has standards and isn’t willing to risk anymore citizens just to vaccinate them!

    2. Countries of the world are vaccinating with whatever vaccines they could purchase. In Canada we bought our vaccines from mainly Europe even though we aren’t far away from where they are produced in the US. It’s great to see countries getting their people vaccinated, but we can’t forget that Covid isn’t over until the whole world is vaccinated. Variants could come back to bite us all. They rise to the surface where there are rapid infections occurring causing increased opportunities for genetic mutations to develop.

    1. @Martin Nilsson different story …..but Joe is acting like only the USA is having all of the vaccines and Europe is desperate to welcome back US tourist.

    2. @Martin Nilsson – America has an export ban and Europe is the one trying to help the rest of the world. That’s why meeting demand is difficult. The USA is only caring about themselves.
      However, still German is at 40% vaccinated and the UK is ahead of the USA per capita.

    3. @Robert J. Williamson im glad to see americans are going back to their usual ignorant self 😀

  1. The triple mutation from India is showing up all over Europe. I will give it a year or two before I travel.

    1. @Martin Nilsson it’s in Canada so it will be in the USA… they just aren’t testing for all the variables!

    2. @Martin Nilsson It’s likely already there. We only find out that a variant has arrived when infected people are turning up for tests. Given the stupidity and lack of precautions taken in some US states, the Indian variant will spread like wildfire if allowed to.

    3. God the arrogance. And stupidity.
      A dangerous combination.

      …Do you honestly think that the Indian variant is not already in America? Seriously?

  2. Trump had exactly zero impact on the Pfizer-vaccine. They put their money into development of the vaccine in cooperation with German company Biontech.

    1. And what was Joe talking about that the other guys administration “pushed the vaccines through?” What did they approve, again?
      Last I checked the FDA approves emergency release. Did any of them even take money from Operation Warp Speed?

      Once they were released they had no plan other than, ‘let the governors figure it out.’

  3. EU mostly uses Pfizer at the moment. Moderna and J&J are more limited but are also in use. AstraZeneca is being slowly phased out in the EU but UK still uses it very actively and in fact around half of the vaccinations there is done with it.

    What vaccines does Joe think we’re using here? . Got my Pfizer shot last week btw.

    1. exactly, plus the “Pfizer vaccine” was developed in Germany, by immigrants from Turkey (BioNTech) lol

    2. Here in Iceland we’ve got BioNtech+Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Moderna and Jensen. Vaccines are going great and we’re welcoming vaccinated tourists along with an endless row of E-European migrants and EU tourists that are now forced to quarantine because they simply did not seem to be able to self-isolate.
      I’d like to thank French tourists for starting not one but TWO nationwide lockdowns because they prioritized going for a pint above the health of a nation.

  4. Yeah, got Pfizer last friday here in Finland in EU. They only give AZ to those who have it as first shot.

  5. Joe, you need to know in continental Europe, Pfizer is the vaccine used!!!! Pfizer is actually manufactured in nearby Belgium, I live in France. AZ is used in the UK, not broadly used in the EU.

    1. @Chris Perry Do you have proof that Joe did that in New England? I agree he’s not really a journalist. He pushes conservative agenda that I don’t agree with at all.

    2. @Edge Fan you mean liberal agenda don’t you. And yes there’s footage of him with plagiarist mike barnicle. Both with no masks during the pandemics early days

    3. @Chris Perry No I don’t mean liberal agenda. Joe is the conservative commentary on the show. Lots of us went around without mask not knowing they would help in the early days of the pandemic. maybe you should go back to the faux propaganda channels clips on youtube. You’re making a lot of accusations without any proof. We don’t go for that.

    4. @Edge Fan I agree with Chris if he agreed with Trump , he would be a conservative, but he hates Trump`s guts.

    5. @Gregory Guidry tRump is not a conservative, not even close. he only wanted the tax cuts for the rich, him and his friends. I don’t think Joe hates tRump’s guts. scarborough is very religious too and I actually think joe doesn’t know what to think of tRump.

  6. Hello from Europe. No one said “please come back”! You can if you want to. You will be tolerated..

    1. So my German gf is lying when she whispers “Ich vermisse dich. Ich will dich hier haben”?! Omg. I just knew it.

    2. @Alba1970 Sort of. It was a joint venture between Pfizer (United States based), and BioNTech (Germany based). The latter managed by Turkish immigrants.
      Germany (i.e., German tax-payers) paid for the vaccine’s development.

      In effect, we have German citizens to thank for our survival. Those darn democratic socialists! (sarc).

    3. @German Dragon I believe aloof might be an equally adequate term. And yes, they are both, imo.

  7. EU is producing the Pfizer vaccine and other vaccines, too, as others have commented. It is also worth mentioning that it has exported over 80 million doses to many different countries, including some to USA and the UK. It is nice to see that USA as well, is now beginning to export some to less fortunate countries!

  8. FYI the Pfizer vaccine was not funded by Warp Speed. It was made by a couple who are Turkish immigrants in Germany.

    1. This American noticed that also, he’s a little too ridiculous for his/our own good sometimes.


  9. Mika, you’re so smart, emotionally balanced, kind AND beautiful. Joe, you’re a great guy, but do you fully realize how lucky you are?

    1. I don’t know what Mika sees in Joe. He seems a bit arrogant and he just LOVES the sound of his own voice.

  10. Not only was Pfizer / Biontech developed in Europe, the same goes for Johnson & Johnson (Janssen).

  11. Just when Mika is smiling and sort of happy… Joe! The soul of wit is brevity. Shakespeare

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