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  1. The majority of Jamaicans don’t eat healthy, too much starch , too much rice and meats we over cooked our food not enough green vegetables we don’t eat enough fruits, we’d rather drink a Pepsi than drink some coconut water! Jamaica 🇯🇲 is a tropical green island yet you can’t get a green salad 🥗 at any restaurant! And the icing on the cake is we don’t workout enough most of us think fat is sexy ! They don’t realize fat is a reflection of bad health having a big belly like you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re rich or healthy! It means you’re killing your self with a unhealthy diet and lifestyle!!

    1. 100% agree! I have been saying this for years. We moved from our traditional diet to the North American diet. Just look at our obsession with KFC. Now we have all their diseases. Many of our children and teens are now obese. That wasn’t the case up to the 90s. What a pity in a country with blessed soil that makes fruits and vegetables delectable! We have also turned into a lazy bunch. People used to get up and sweep up their yards and clean up their environment. They would also do their gardening. But no sah! Wi get too lazy and suh wi lazy ah suh wi nasty! Smh.

  2. A wah dis yah man a gwan with me a Jamaican me eat yam banana coco etc not quinwah or however you speak that bird food stuff me grandmother eat the same food and me a go eat it stop you European rubbish me a black woman not European

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