Ed Sheeran did not infringe on copyright of ‘Let’s Get It On,’ jury finds

After a Manhattan jury found Ed Sheeran's hit "Thinking Out Loud" did not infringe on the copyright of the classic Marvin Gaye song "Let's Get It On," CNN Legal Analyst Areva Martin breaks down the verdict. #CNN #News #EdSheeran #shorts


  1. Marvin: let’s get it on
    Ed: darling you won’t be suing me til you’re 100 billion and 70

  2. You cannot own a chord progression. The family literally has no common sense.

    1. No, it’s the end of music as we know it. Putting aside the allegiance to Sheeran as a fan, by his own submission, you can link any song to any song, there’s only so many chords. The death of future music is here, we only have the past. Only a weird construction of some strange sound will be considered as music going forward, other than that, it’s just a regurgitation of what’s come before, like Ed says, he literally admits it himself.

    2. @Ant Adam absolute crap. Music theory and progression were around before these people. Case closed.

    3. There’s no need to insult the families of these great artists because of a court ruling…

    4. There is no need to insult the families of these great artists just because of a court ruling.

    1. It’s crazy that it even got to court. Shows how little most people know about music.

  3. not a huge fan of ed sheeran, but im happy this case goes to Ed Sheeran, chord progressions are uncopyrightable, you cant own one, and never will. This is what worries me about the copyright system in music, and creativity as a whole has become wrecked by the trolls who abuse the copyright system, just like what’s happening on Youtube. Thank you ED

    1. Right?? Its as if that I family hasn’t done enough damage to that man while he was living; trying to ride his coat-tails & strip EVERYTHING from that poor man…damn near stripping him naked FFS‼️ And as if they didn’t take enough from him whilst he was alive…now that he’s dead & gone & has been turned into a pile of ashes(literally as a result of his own father murdering him) they’re STILL trying to gain monetarily from him. Talk about selfish Greed…smdh.

  4. It’s not over!!.. he’s been copying my hairdo for years and I’m not going to stand for it

  5. If it’s used before MG then they are saying it’s fair game no harm no foul.People steal music 🎶 all the time I guess it’s matters when is the right time to do it.

  6. Good lord, you’d think a family from a musical background would know that specific chord progression is used EVERYWHERE. The only way people can sue artists is if they copy melody and lyrics in a manner that suggests they were taken from another song. You can’t copyright chords or chord progressions. This has GOT to be SO embarrassing for Marvin Gaye’s family.

  7. If copyright of chord progressions existed, the Gershwin Estate would have cleaned up on thousands of jazz tunes that followed the changes in ‘I Got Rhythm’. And what if I-IV-V-I had been copyrighted by a single composer? A large proportion of Western Classical (and Popular) music would be ‘owned’ by that person. Not really a sustainable proposition.

  8. I am sure it was a hard case for the jury to decide. I have no doubt the family thought. They deserved some type of damages, but if those four cards have been used before, by other singers, are by other musicians, this family could not possibly claim ownership if I understand correctly.

  9. I think the jury got it wrong. Why did Sheeran play the Marvin Gaye song at a concert yrs. ago right after his song?!?! He linked them. Sheeran should be ashamed.

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