Education Secretary: Following Mitigation Strategies In Schools Works

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona discusses the politicization of masks and returning to school and why he encourages everyone over 12 to get vaccinated.

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Education Secretary: Following Mitigation Strategies In Schools Works


  1. Parents don’t care what the CDC recommends. They want to know what their child’s classroom experience will be. My first question is not what percentage of teachers are vaccinated, but Is my child’s teacher vaccinated.. If the answer is “NO,” the guidelines and percentages mean nothing. I would not put my child in a classroom with an unvaccinated teacher.

    1. @Paul Wilson -Like I’ve explained to u before, it’s not just about death. For children, especially, it’s about permanent neurological damage. Evidence is mounting that Covid infection leaves most ppl w/some neurological issues, some circulatory system, lung damage, heart damage, brain damage. They know ppl put on ventilators often have reduced cognitive ability. That was known prior to Covid. If the severity of infection correlates w/the severity of long Covid symptoms, everyone 12yrs and older, who can get vaccinated, should get vaccinated. The best way to protect the 0-11yr old children and give them the best chance of being able to stay in-person learning, is for all the rest of us to get vaccinated, have children wear masks when necessary, and surround ur unvaccinated children w/vaccinated 12yrs and older ppl surrounding them. Not sure what ur trying to say w/ur comment but if ur trying to justify 3-11yr olds not wearing masks and/or not getting vaccinated when the a vaccine does become available for them, ur incorrect. No parent should risk their child’s life and possible long-term damage for some stupid political games. If the parents want to skip mask wearing and vaccination for themselves, that’s unfortunate, but their choice. However, children should not be permanently scarred bc of a parent wants to make mask wearing and vaccination political. That’s not fair to the child.

    2. @Ruth Depew – Once the vaccine gets full approval from the fda, expected by the end of August, more and more schools, businesses, and governments will require the vaccine for attendance/employment or they get fired or get tested every week. We’ll likely see proof of vaccine or proof of a negative Covid test to join in group entertainment events, like concerts, Broadway plays, movie theaters, bars, domestic and foreign flights, etc. If the fda grants the vaccine full approval around the end of August, employers, schools, and governments may give their staff, students a month to get vaccinated.

  2. There will be CHAOS and conflicts if there’s no mask mandate….parents and kids and staff will end up fighting with each other because of different opinions about masks.

  3. Its gonna be super messy and a 5th surge in the next 7 – 10 days. Just awful. Not sure if anyone learned anything in the last 16 months.

  4. Going back to school as a vaccinated nation will be a real challenge. Hopefully a success story for other nations to follow. Wearing masks above aged 2 is the guidance. Delta wave is reportedly about half over.

  5. Vaccination under aged 12 is in trials now. The vaccine dosage lowered down to about 30% of the adult dose. Now being studied for a winter rollout for little kids 5 to 11.

  6. I wouldn’t want to send my kids to a school that doesn’t have a masks mandate. That’s just crazy, especially with data showing kids are getting infected more often now.

  7. Your not putting children first all teachers must be vaccinated so they don’t infect the children

  8. Are there any other groups of people in other countries fighting masks and vaccinations like the US republicans are?

  9. Please help cancel upcoming UFC event and save 18,000+ life’s. These people are purchasing death tickets

  10. So irresponsible. Forget ‘normal’. This is the new normal, thanks to ignorance and misinformation. Banning masks? Dig your kids graves.

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