Elaine Thompson-Herah | TVJ Sports Commentary – May 13 2022

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  1. She a chat if everyone understands so that proper communication can take place what is there problem she is doing something many of us can’t do .

  2. Perfectly said. Some of these same people use the word “ignorant” to mean miserable, but the right definition of the word is a reflection of who they are. Leave her alone. Plus, she has been improving a lot over the years.

  3. Sprinting is not debating or reading news,she is Sprinter not a reporter or a journalist run fast Great Elaine

  4. And some of these people that r criticizing her can’t even string two proper sentences together…hope Elaine don’t listen to the noise a de market just gwaan watch we SALE!!!

  5. Don’t know why they tryna bring her down though.
    They only jump on the wagon when our Athletes are winning SMH🙄

  6. People are always focused on the wrong things…. Bob Marley was right , mental slavery is holding us back as a nation 😞smh

  7. She speaks just fine. The issue “they” have is her accent. Obviously they think the Jamaican Ppatois doesn’t belong on the main stage. That’s all good through. Love you ELAINE!

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