Election Speculation Intensifies – August 7 2020

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  1. I’m not saying those criminals aren’t to be punished but they had them out there for their own purpose to hurt people now for convenience before on so called election they are killing them after they have killed ,so many innocent people but those criminals can be use as collateral for on reelection.

  2. But the prime minister said that they’re not about to call election about two weeks ago isn’t it? See why l can’t trust politics

  3. I would like to know what is more important now… people’s life or an election… both parties need to let us see evidence that they are trying to weed out corruption especially in this governing party before this is done… the little money they gave out for Covid don’t change the fact that corruption is still very high … it did help the fact that my road still have not been fixed for years with empty promises from Mr. Sinclair…Covid is serious and this is a joke. Sunday here in Mobay little was seen wearing mask and they were all having a big campaign… again what is more important… ppl will always fail to admit that a party is wrong because they are “die heart”…but a nuff a wi a die hard for their stupidity….

  4. To call an election 🗳 in 2020, would be highly irresponsible and shows an absolute disregard for public health and safety! 😧🤨

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