Electrical transformer explodes, startles visitors at Hoover Dam | USA TODAY

Electrical transformer explodes, startles visitors at Hoover Dam | USA TODAY 1


  1. Perhaps more electrical preventative maintenance should be going on at important sites such as this one under Federal regulations

    1. In pretty sure they have big maintenance schedules at the hoover damn, Have you ever been ? anyways there are more than matience failures that can fry a transformer especially one that size. Probably doesn’t help with the extreme loads combined with the local heat right now

    2. its a case of the transformer pretty much worn out you dont know when they might blow just a couple years the one for my block litterally bluew its top accross the street

    1. @kelly thomas nope do you even know how to read it was a transformer was no sabatogue the go bad after a while doesnt matter if its for aneighborhood or what not. Stop spreading lies

    2. @kelly thomas thats natural they always do that to help the river out they dont do it all the time. Do some research

    1. You’re going to really feel it when the water goes dry because there’s no way without Hoover dam there’s enough electricity to run California Nevada Utah Arizona and Mexico

    1. Everybody must get out of the western states he better start heading east because there’s no electricity or water without Hoover dam or Lake Mead

    2. @Luvvin Lovelock honestly personally i think all states should be cut off from hover dam and lake paul til the water levels get up

    3. @Luvvin Lovelock…lol…Hoover Damn only powers around 675000 homes right now , and those homes can be switched over to a different grid .
      But actually Lake Meade water level has risen by nearly 10 ft this year.

    1. I know you’re trying to make it sound funny but it’s going to be a nightmare you remember that movie water world that’s what’s going to happen I give it five years if that

    1. Are you serious they have nothing that we need we need water and it’s going to be a hot commodity.

  2. Dam russiqn hackers 30 food processing plants now the dam they all seem to go up in flames

  3. I grew up around lake Mead. Please stop wasting water she doesn’t have much left. When she runs out of water, all the desert around will be gone it will be called the biggest Ghost Town in the US please stop wasting water and stop building in Las Vegas!!!

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