Elephant flips over truck after driver refused to let it cross the road #Shorts

An elephant in Thailand flipped over a truck after the driver didn't stop and wait for the mammal to cross the road.

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  1. Do not argue with things bigger than you.

    If a tractor trailer or bus wants into your lane, u make room for it don’t argue.
    If an elephant wants to cross the road, u let it don’t argue.

  2. Wildlife don’t know the concept of cars. This is happening as humans are building homes/businesses in their territories. This is their home. The driver could of waited. No, he chose to be stupid.

  3. Rules of the jungle I’m bigger than you so,I’m crossing first so you couldn’t wait now I’m going to show you

  4. Its’ logic is very simple, it want to cross the road, anything blocking its’ way, it will remove the obstacle to aside, as simple as that. Humans want to argue with animals’ logic….You then prepare to take the consequences. You don’t respect me, I then don’t respect you….

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