Elizabeth May unveils Green Party platform in Toronto

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May unveiled her party’s election platform on Monday, saying she wants to rescue Canada’s democracy and Parliament from the "constant interventions of backroom political spin doctors and staffers."

Some of the Green Party's pledges include creating more affordable housing, electoral reform and free post-secondary education. The party also says that all its policy is being viewed with an eye towards combating climate change.

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  1. Psycho! Someone has to explain about jusstin trewdoh takes 20 billion a year more from Alberta than he puts in there. When Alberta separates that 20 billion will have to come from international bankers. A few years later when jusssssstan cant make the payments on all that borrowed money, the banker will begin seizing valuable properties wherever hey can. Eventually there will be no more free abortions and everyone will end up on welfare forever.

    1. The conservative blew the case and Trudeau was right to settle another conservative bungle and off topic as usual.

  2. PPC now invited to two official debates. PPC now has a fair and fighting chance. Bye bye socialism, hello freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect. PPC 2019.

  3. I just watched a video of her saying Omar Kadar has more class than all the whole f*cking cabinet. And she was drunk as a skunk…I don’t think she is PM material…she’s more of a sad comedian.

  4. That was the best speech from May ever…. that isn’t saying much. The most “Green” part of these policies would be what I am going to have to pay for. Sheesh…. the left think all Canadians want is free-free-free….. I don’t, let me work and support my family!! I just want the government out of my front pocket and if they insist of going into it, at least make it enjoyable for me would ya?? Sorry Greens…. PPC2019

  5. What about our money going to China for their development while they, China is investing in Africa and Argentina?
    Look into that!

  6. AOC of the North ,,
    Windmills that turn 1/2 the time , Solar panels that work 1/3 of the day and private gas plants that are on 24/7 Contracts if we need the energy or not
    Meanwhile our PUBLIC owned nuclear plants are dumping steam into Lake Ontario on days of over production .
    A real winner for Ontario folks , thanks Wynn

  7. and who gets to pay for all this pipe dream ,, the working class of Canada
    Just don’t be like the Liberals of Ontario ,, buy solar energy for 80 cents a Kw then sell it for 6 cents a Kw

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