Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden In Statistical Dead Heat In Iowa: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden In Statistical Dead Heat In Iowa: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former VP Joe Biden are in a statistical dead heat in Iowa, per new polling. Sen. Warren also leads Biden in enthusiasm in the state. The panel discusses. Aired on 9/23/19.
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Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden In Statistical Dead Heat In Iowa: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

54 Comments on "Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden In Statistical Dead Heat In Iowa: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Im willing to bet if biden wins he will pick warren as vp and vice versa…a parrot in office is better then trump

  2. Time for Joe to get the ole’ corn pop gang with their rusty straight razors back in action…

  3. Morning Joe you are losing viewers. Wise up!

    • MITZI B — You know what they say: “You can take the boy out of The Republican Party, but you can’t take The Republican Party out of the boy.”

      But, hey, at least he despises Trump, and isn’t that what’s really important? If only for that, I have to give him some points.

  4. John Kerry won the Iowa poll too. Didn’t you just LOVE the Kerry Presidency? 😂

    BERNIE 2020

  5. Like many others, I have concerns about Biden’s overall health, including signs of Dementia as he grasps for words. Joe’s a good guy, but we need more than just a good guy in the White House, albeit, anyone other than Donald Trump would be an improvement!

    • Joe china was better as a racist.

    • @Bobon Meiknob no she lied because much like traitor trump, she has no morals

    • Bob Bluefield – a. Genetic test did show some heritage. B. She’s squared things with native Americans and supports improvements for them. c. You’re whining about one supposed lie, when trump lies 100 times as much before lunch. Geez, if the worst thing about our President is a debate over HERITAGE we would be living in a dream.

    • To me Biden is as right to, too, and the right almost a republican. Not good for me…Not what this country needs!

  6. Hard to believe Yang is behind Kloud boot jar…. I smell something similar to secondary IA farms’ production

  7. You think we don’t know what you “millionaires paid by billionaires” are doing. But we know. We are sad to finally realize, from the clumsy MSM attempts to push her, that Liz Warren has been bought. Why go to all this trouble? Your cocktail party butt-buddies will just hack the voting and vote-counting machines again in the 2020 primaries anyway. We all know what you are. Hope you haven’t sold your souls too cheaply.

  8. TheViewFromUpHere | September 23, 2019 at 2:11 PM | Reply

    Middle of the road boring is not going to win. The US doesn’t need another Clinton type failure.

    • Great News! Trump Has Raised MORE Money Than EVERY DEMOCRAT COMBINED! He Raised $15M IN Commie California In JUST ONE DAY! No way democrats can lose now, since math is racist!

    • When Clinton is considered “middle of the road,” you know we have really gone off the rails. Geez. . . .

    • status quo joe and Pocahontas are not the middle of the road, they are moderate republicon losers

  9. janusz delondre | September 23, 2019 at 2:28 PM | Reply

    corporate media is getting rather nervous of a bernie sanders government, repugnants!

  10. Bernie Sanders is not sliding Joe, stop your corporate media Fake News. Your guest is a joke. 😡😡😡😡🇺🇸

  11. A new HarrisX national pole gives Biden 31% and has Sanders/Warren at 16/14, but looking closer, the poll is geezer heavy and young adult light.

  12. I’ve been playing my phonograph at night, but I still don’t like Biden as a candidate.

  13. Joe Biden proves the Democrats have not learned their lesson. It is like they want me to quit the party 🙁

  14. That person needs to stop talking about Cory Booker so much. Booker ain’t gonna make it. Sorry to break the news to you. Neither is Buttigieg.

    Talking about how a candidate at 4% went to 5% isn’t worth wasting your breath on at this stage of the race.

  15. Remember everyone these polls are jokes

    Bernie is going to CRUSH
    Don’t let them push BS corporate dems on you

    • sharon blasingame | September 23, 2019 at 9:24 PM | Reply

      @Remy B She took 10.4 mil from corporations during her senate race in 2018 and put it in her presidential race! Google it!

    • @Remy B correction: she’s a corporate republican turned dem

    • @Julia Benson-Reazin That’s not entirely true. Taking money from donors doesn’t automatically make you their servant. Sure, some politicians become slaves to their donors, but that’s not always true. Do you know of something about her stated political stances that warrant her being called corporate? Because anything else is simple hearsay.

    • @Remy B sorry bub. liz stole Bernie’s platform and “drove it like she stole it”. be assured, she’ll drop the platform at a political chop shop if she gets the nomination and that’s the last we’ll hear from it. same thing happened in 2016. the DNC put some of Bernie’s planks in the party platform and when they were done screwing him over, they ripped every plank out and burned it.
      she ain’t your friend.

  16. Warren voted for Trumps Military Budget.

  17. Neither one could win without the independent’s.
    And they’ll never get their support either

  18. Jocelyne Guilloux | September 23, 2019 at 7:30 PM | Reply

    E Warren said she will take corporate money for the general, basically announcing that she will be bought including by the financial cartel. We know what the result of that is. Nobody should vote for her. B Sanders is the only candidate that deserve a vote

  19. would not be surprised if warren and hrc are behind this warren has enlisted hrc to help her with her campaign anyone else noticed how warren s presentation reminds us of hrc…if they can get rid of biden they can go to the head of the list no doubt for all this advice all warren has to do is make hrc her VP which means hrc will stomp all over warren and soros will be the man behind the curtain working hrc s strings

  20. So, what’s worse…a liar or a person who can’t remember if they lied?

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