Elizabeth Warren Support Drops, Buttigieg Surges In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren Support Drops, Buttigieg Surges In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Sen. Elizabeth Warren's support has been cut in half nationally since last month, and Pete Buttigieg continues his rise in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Aired on 11/27/19.
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Elizabeth Warren Support Drops, Buttigieg Surges In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

75 Comments on "Elizabeth Warren Support Drops, Buttigieg Surges In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. See: Biden isn’t working , shift to Buttgieg as establishment tool

    • @Nicholas Smith
      His comments/record to people of color ain’t helping him either, he told one ”I’m not asking for your vote.” And now he is polling 0% among black people. And sources for which ones? The one where I said he was getting corporate -legalized- bribes?

    • @jeck jeck Yes, that one.

    • Graham Wade

      Or, since Biden didn’t lose any points while Pete gained, you might want to consider that moderate voters are more numerous than the progressives.

    • Free college for middle and lower class, great,y expanded Medicare, constitutional reform: these are progressive positions! Just because he doesn’t scream about Wall Street 24/7 doesn’t mean he isn’t progressive.

  2. 190 million people wont be losing something under medicare for all, you tools…

    • @Kathleen Gallagher . Well, Bernie is only ending duplicitous insurance. If the government isn’t providing it than you can still buy it, as far as I understand.

    • @Live Free or Die . We all know he’s lying but he says what we like. Trump 2020 lol

    • @Bobby S I am sure the cartel is very clever and smart about smuggling. The way I wish we battled it is better controling the addiction and sale at home. Legalisation of herb is a start, its not heroin.

      I look at it from more of a local dealer standpoint….. The risk and consequence of selling heroin in the dealers eyes outweighs the rewards of doing it. I hate “war on drugs” but if you look at the situation from the dealers standpoint, it is easier to understand. I view people who deal drugs that cause overdose deaths as at least manslaughter crimals. As I stated before, imagine your mother being a victem and I am sure your feelings would be stronger for enforcing more severe punnishment.

      Solving the drug epidemic at home fixes the root issue with the cartel (money). That in turn fixes lots of immigration concerns. It will also help mexico all together

    • @Bobby S holy shyt. Speaking of irony. Look at CNN now

    • @Mighty Mouse Wow there ya go lol

  3. It is time for Donny to retire and disappear. Shame on him trying to smudge Warren. Likability, electibility????

  4. Honestly, I’ll take Garfield the cat, if he’s the only choice running against Don the Con.

  5. Sibusiso Mngadi | November 27, 2019 at 10:14 AM | Reply

    A POLL of 574 voters is a JOKE!
    I can find a 25% to 33% swing with the same number in another town, university or sports stadium!!
    “ELECTABILITY” is NOT A THING, but a male engineered opinion, it is JUST A LABEL…

  6. A couple super rich dudes don’t like someone = that person is unlikable…flawless logic

    • Michael Hartwell U think the trump supporters are gullible? I bet you thought Kavanaugh was guilty… and I bet u just disregard Ambassador Solndads testimony too that the only evidence against trump are his presumptions. The attempted impeachment coup is supported by all the gullible nitwits of the country

    • As a non rich dude, Waren comes off as an incredibly elitist candidate. If she was nominated she would win big in California, Newyork, and new England. Then promptly lose the rest of the country.

    • @Acm Hunter Why are you singling out Warren?? What candidate do we dems have that is electable?? Trump is worst president in history and definitely the most corrupt yet in many polls in places like Penn Wis and Mich he is still neck and neck with the most popular Dem in those states Biden of all people. And Trump polls ahead of all the rest….. all them!!!!!

    • That poll is of 574 Dems. lol

  7. Who are these people? Warren and Bernie aren’t likable but Trump is????? Child, please.

    • @IamAsaint who cares what the poll from Iowa said the polls are done by companies hired by the particular candidate. I will bet you any amount of money you want to bet that Bernie will NOT win Iowa. He may get New Hampshire but he is NOT winning Iowa. If you think he is you are as delusional as a Trump supporter.

    • @Tidbit Live or Die is a trump troll.

    • @Jokers Wild There’s a lot of similarities between Berni Babies and Trumpsters. It’s scary.

    • @Mister Hat yes there is a lot of similarities. They worship him like he some god which is laughable, and anybody that says anything negative about him or has a different opinion gets attacked and called names like playground bullies do, and they think they get to ram their chosen candidate down everyone’s throat. They think every American wants what Bernie is pushing and that’s like way off. He will get no support from moderate republicans that are sick of Trump none. He isn’t electable.

    • @Jokers Wild Exactly. The moderates end up determining the election and they just don’t get that.

  8. LIKE-ABILITY??? She is right when was the last time I heard that about a man FROM A MAN???

  9. Those who don’t want Medicare for all can just look forward to their employers to taking away their health insurance ultimately, and they will.

    • Just like Aazon did to their part-time employees

    • That’s how the business class maintains their control over the working class and limits competition. Healthcare means freedom and opportunities for the working class.

    • Live Free or Die | November 27, 2019 at 5:19 PM | Reply

      The liberals token black woman is a joke! LMAO 🤣

    • jeanmarc lang if you were trying to say Amazon then you are certainly using a poor example. As a huge corp they are treating their employees better than most. They offer way more full time positions and pay better wages and better benefits than their major retail competitor Walmart. And all companies big and small use these kind of tactics to weed out the wining lazy workers who are only working cause they have to from the ones that want to work they get the full time positions. The problem these days is uneducated minions think they should start out in the head office with big pay. And you may know of a company called Aazon I have just never heard of them

  10. I think Bernie is as unlikable.
    I think Bernie is more unlikable.

    Tell us how you really feel 😆

    • I’ve read his books and seen his rallys. He’s very “likeable”.

      Bernie/Nina 2020!

    • Richard Garner | November 27, 2019 at 8:01 PM | Reply

      @Tony MillerHe didn’t seem that “likable” when I saw geriatric Bernie smiling as the Bernie Bros were screaming: LOCK HER UP !!! LOCK HER UP !!!! at our Democratic convention.
      Bernie is the most “likable” Independent Socialist on the race – I’ll grant you that.
      As a fraud Democrat – not so much.. 😃

  11. It’s intellectually disingenuous to say that Medicare for all would take healthcare away from millions of Americans.

    All it would do is eliminate the price gouging for profit middlemen insurance companies and provide healthcare to millions of people who don’t already have it.

    Think about it this way, what if we privatized the fire departments across the United States and then they turned around and sold fire protection services in packages. Do you want your living room covered or your kitchen? They would do that to create a profit instead of just at cost. Do you see that point?

    Lastly, a lot of people don’t know that Medicare for all would save people a lot of money because we would be able to collectively bargain with pharmaceutical companies and reduce the overall price of care.

    If pollsters phrase the question in a fair way then the vast majority of the country would be in favor of a Medicare for all system.

    • @Doug Bleach You’re spot on, it’s completely disingenuous to pretend that medicare for all will “take away” healthcare for 160 million people. Joe has been promoting this idea on his show for awhile now because he was a republican and likes private healthcare. Also, MSNBC, although they are one of the best media outlets I know of, is heavily funded by big Pharma, and large insurance companies; so they don’t want those companies to be destroyed, or their ad revenue will inevitably drop. Sadly, it’s all about the Benjamin’s in this case.

      @Perserra Look up the word disingenuous, what people on this show keep implying is that medicare for all will take away their healthcare, when in reality it will only take away the premiums, deductibles and co-pays; and ultimately it will provide more coverage for less money; Americans would be stupid not to want this. And yes, MSNBC, the morning joe show, is lying to Americans and trying to suggest a flat out falsehood.
      This is fake news, it is lying, and it is disingenuous. But I’ll def. keep watching The Rachel Maddow Show, and all the rest of the MSNBC lineup, it’s just joe who’s a little behind the times.

    • Live Free or Die | November 27, 2019 at 5:19 PM | Reply

      Why is the black woman on, token? “We need to be super sensitive especially when it comes to women”. What a joke! 🤣

    • Live Free or Die | November 27, 2019 at 5:33 PM | Reply

      The Rasmussen and Emerson polls that have 36% of Blacks voting for TRUMP?

    • @Live Free or Die Well that’s fake news, you’d have to have had a lobotomy in order to believe a stat like that!

  12. Why does Donnie Deutche keep getting air time?????

  13. Medicare for all: I hate my insurance, i love my doctor.

    • @Deborah Freedman Private insurance doesn’t benefit doctors, Medicare guidelines, rates and standards do. I work in medical billing and see this everyday. Medicare payments are more reliable than commercial insurance companies. If my doctor doesn’t take Medicare, I would question how he’s getting paid.

    • Live Free or Die | November 27, 2019 at 5:24 PM | Reply

      @Mo Fo “those jobs are gone and they ain’t coming back, you think we have a magic wand?” – Obummer. TRUMP BROUGHT ALL THE JOBS BACK! 🤣

    • @Chris Le Chat Exactly. The last big hospital I went to told me that they don’t recommend insurance, but if I have a choice, to consider medicare over private insurance because there’s a better chance of not being left with surprises.

  14. Dump Donnie, why did he even get on the show?

  15. Donny, we are coming for all that inherited wealth and privilege you never earned…. America is ready for you to do your part finally! BERNIE 2020!

    • Live Free or Die | November 27, 2019 at 5:31 PM | Reply

      Bernie will do as well nationally as Mike Dukakis! He DOES NOT have national appeal. That’s why the DNC told him to go fly a kite in 2016. They know!

    • @Live Free or Die , oh yeah, the DNCs choice for 2016 was the best, you win…lol! The DNC stole the primary with Superdelegates pledging an insurmountable amount of extra pledges that they slathered onto Hillary’s numbers before anyone even cast one real vote. Oh! and remember CNN declaring Hillary’s victory the evening before California even Voted in the primaries? Pure rigging for an awful center-right candidate that no one really wanted.

  16. Bernie is pulling away in New Hampshire, but they’ll never tell you that

  17. ‘I don’t like her!’ That about sums up his critical thinking.

  18. “Bernie is unlikable” Has the highest favorability of all the candidates

  19. “Among 574 Democratic voters.” Come on, now. Warren 2020

  20. Kimberly Bussey | November 27, 2019 at 12:42 PM | Reply

    “You can tell people you’re going to take away something they already have”

    You can tell people they’re going to get a better healthcare, for less money.

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