Elizabeth Warren: ‘The Wealth Tax Is Popular Across America’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Senator Elizabeth Warren makes the case for the wealth tax: "This would affect the top 1/10th of 1% in America. And it would be a way to raise about $3 trillion in revenue. Joe Biden ran on raising taxes on the people at the very top and on giant corporations … (Republicans) get why this is popular.” Aired on 03/15/2021.
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Elizabeth Warren: 'The Wealth Tax Is Popular Across America' | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @B K Right.

      Just every person has thousands of dollars to throw at a project.

      These people come from money.

    2. @B K Alright. I look forward to you taking your own advice and ending up a millionaire.

      Tell me how that works out for you. I could use a laugh.

    3. @Drake Fire I own 3 properties valued well over 1M. I probably make more than you just off of rental income. Go to bed kid.

  1. nobody in the mainstream media has ever needled a republican congress or senate member the question of WHY THEY HAVE DIFFERENT AND CONTRADICTIVE OPINIONS IN DC THAN THAT OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS IN THEIR RESPECTIVE STATES ABOUT POPULAR POLICIES…..!!!!!!

  2. Maga cult: “Down with the wealth tax!!”
    The 1%: “Yeah, what they said!”
    Maga cult: “Down with the wealth tax!!”
    The 1%: **tells butler to pour them more champagne** “Idiots.😅😂 “

    1. No, we believe you are entitled to the fruits of your labor. Not you or the government. Funny how you Democrats also stole the labor from the slaves. I don’t care that there’s rich people. Good for them. I don’t live life envying those that have more. It’s a sad was to live.

  3. Reverse tax cuts for the rich… America is full of optimistic people who somehow believe that they either win the lottery or become Beyonce in the near future

    1. @Timbone So would Apple and Google move to another country? or Berkshire Hathaway? Because they all have agreed to support it.

    2. @Nick Naque Mostly because they want to be where the money is. New York and California have the highest number of wealthy people per capita for a reason.

    3. @Nick Byler Yeah, coming from the red-state welfare leech.

      Let me know when you actually start practicing what you preach.

      Of course, you’d rather punch down, think you’re doing good, rather than punch someone that can punch you back.


  5. We need to go back to New Deal style wealth tax. It was in play until 1976, and the middle class has strangled as the wealthy has thrived ever since the wealth tax was diluted by conservatives. FACTS!

    1. You mean to recoup all the costs for welfare, prisons, drug rehab, medicare, section8 housing and food stamps the top 1percent consume? Oh wait….all the top 1 percent do is pay over 40 percent of all taxes in the country, create jobs, educate their children, start businesses or invest in the country’s future

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