Elizabeth Warren Urges Putting Party First: ‘We Gotta Beat Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sen. Elizabeth Warren makes her closing argument before the primary in New Hampshire, arguing that “The best way to beat Trump is to pull the party together,” no matter who the Democratic nominee turns out to be. Aired on 02/10/20.
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Elizabeth Warren Urges Putting Party First: ‘We Gotta Beat Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. This isn’t about party first, it’s about America first. This election is an anti-fascist election, not a personality election. I’m not voting Democrat up and down the ticket because I love Democrats. I’m voting up and down the ticket to remove the stain of fascism from our government.

    1. @Aingell No I’m pretty sure it’s a contest on who’s the most virtuous and pandering candidate so they can be embarrassed by Trump in the Fall.

    2. @Aingell I have been repeating it’s not about Democrat vs Republican but the 1% vs everyone else. They control both parties now, their declared policies and for the most part who gets elected. Someone told this story, admittedly this happened decades ago. It went something like this, “Turning 18 I went to register to vote and being young was not aware of the differences in the Democrat and Republican parties. When I was asked to declare one or the other I asked what was the difference? The man asked me, if I went to a banquet would I want to eat all the food myself or would I be willing to share it with others? I said I would share. His reply, you are a Democrat!” Unfortunately the story no longer holds true. Read my statement above.

  2. *Fix Our Broken Democracy*
    1) electoral college, 2) plurality voting, 3) structurally flawed Senate.
    Everything else is minor, or a symptom…like Trump.

  3. Too bad that message didn’t stick for Hillary,eh? 18% Sanders voters spitefully went to Trump. How’s that for unity?
    Once the devil was escorted in, you’ll now be hard pressed removing him. Good luck!

  4. I Love her so much, she’s Awesome! 😀

  5. It’s already been decided your arguing means nothing…your vote means nothing.. your opinion means absolutely nothing to the elites and they are laughing at your discord.

  6. you have 8 years in WH but you have done nothing for the ordinary american instead losing their job , while this president have done so much on his first term. open you mind ,eyes, n ears warren not just hate to a man whose doing a better job.

  7. Elisabeth KickingWing? Is that the best you Dems have to go up against the Champ President Trump??
    R Y’all Kidding 😂😂😂

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