Elon Musk has an agreement to acquire Twitter for about US$44B | Tech analyst reacts to deal

Technology analyst Ritesh Kotak reacts to the news that billionaire Elon Musk has bought Twitter for approximately US$44 billion.

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    1. I’d doubt he’d have that power. It’s not like he’s buying 100% of the shares, other shareholders will still have representation.

    2. @Andy Lord he’s taking the company private that mean there no share holds there only partners.

    3. It’s probably just as well, the current Board offered no value.
      It says a lot about a company when the Board has so little confidence in their own decision making, they can’t be bothered to own too many shares in the company they run.

  1. This is awful! Now Twitter won’t be controlled by such valiant characters such as the Blackrock corporation and Saudi Arabia, who sit on the board and make all the decisions! THE HORROR!

    1. He’s announced that he won’t be doing so and will continue using his own, currently used, platform.

  2. bring back Donald. Not that I care about him much, but the playground has been obscenely asymmetric. Let’s make it fair!

  3. Astronaut 1 : “Hey, did you hear that? What was that? It sounds like it’s coming from Earth!”

    Astronaut 2 : “Musk just acquired Twitter. That’s just all the REEEE’ing from California we’re hearing up in orbit.”

  4. Should’ve bought YouTube instead, YouTube has been going downhill ever since they added that stupid “kid friendly” rule and sanctioning the crap out of its own creators for no reason.

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