1. 💯Because of the economic crisis that always comes up the best thing to be on every wise individual’s mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that’s not depending on the government to generate funds.

    1. Micheal has been a great help, trading with him has been good for me as I was able to raise almost 4 btc when I started at 10k usd a few months ago. I would advise everyone to trade their assets now instead of slacking off for a future they are unsure of.

    2. Yes, Micheal ! he is an expert trader and also a certified broker, i have worked with him for months, he seems to process the trade for almost everyone lol, all you have to do is follow his instructions.

    3. He also operates with the analysis and the Micheal orientation, he is perfect with cryptocurrency trading. I have up to 57,000 monthly returns.

    4. @JUANH.R. Christmas is around the corner! So the best time of the year starts NOW! Who is ready for some Christmas songs by Boney M.?😍🎄 ❄️

    5. Access to a good information is what the investors need to progress financially and in life. Here is a good one and I’m greatful

    1. Funny how it’s only this very specific group of people who are just void of any questioning and criticism huh? 🤔

    2. @Ow3 Wells You’re saying that you are Jewish and do in fact see the reality of your own people in what they control?

    3. @Ow3 Wells I think you’re disgusting, no one is “attacking” Jewish people you absolute lolli you should look into the reasons for why people are so vocal in confusion and frustration regarding the Jews.

  2. I watched the full 3 hour video; he said he loved Hitler like he loves anybody, bc Jesus said to love everyone, he is literally mocking the global elite throughout the whole interview, but y’all see a 4 second video without context and immediately condemn the man

  3. TBH, I tuned out ye when he forcefully ingratiated himself into Balenciaga and just acted weird. That said, I didn’t listen to his latest rant. It’s that S&M mask. Poorly made. Poorly worn. What I’ve seen of his “fashion designs”, I’d bet Balenciaga is breathing a sigh of relief he’s persona no grata and self-destructing.

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