Elon Musk tweets support for ‘Dilbert’ creator after racist tirade

Elon Musk defended “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams after hundreds of newspapers stopped printing the comic strip because of Adams’ recent racist comments. #CNN #News


  1. Just because your speech is protected by the 1st amendment, doesn’t then make it right Or exempt you from scrutiny, No more than when slavery was legal, but obviously was wrong!

  2. He was making remarks on statistics.
    It’s Scott Adams.
    He’s Dogbert FFS.
    No one that has ever read his books or comics can even pretend to be surprised by his snarky and literal treatment of polled statistics that are being treated as facts.

    1. @Lea Garner – that’s the thing. Ppl like you love those kinds of “statics.” They have zero merit but you just love to have any kind of validation to be bigoted.

  3. They are right. Amazing. If he was wrong CNN would show more of what he said instead of the commentary. For all to see.

  4. As it should be. You have freedom of speech. You can pretty much say whatever you want to say. But free speech does not excuse you from the said consequences of your speech.
    So you say something that you believe to be true, and a paper drops you (in this case). You are not being canceled. The said paper is exercising thier Free speach right. Saying they don’t want you anymore.
    Now, if the government stepped in and said no more Dilbert cartoons, that would be a violation of your freedom of speech rights.

    1. It’s almost as if all of you morons missed the part where Scott said “I quit”. They didn’t need to drop him because he was already gone…OF HIS OWN VOLITION.

  5. Your individual “Freedom of Speech”
    DOES NOT remove,
    DOES NOT chain,
    DOES NOT Supersede or Replace
    The Publishers Freedom of Speech, or their right to decide whether or not to broadcast your speech.

    1. @Tim Henderson This should be titled when bigots cry racism. Oh wait, Trump isn’t racist. He just pardons people convicted of racial profiling.

    2. When republicans lost the national vote the last two presidential elections, they also started caring about “minority rights.” Now, they’re worried about “racism.” Enjoy that karma. Do they know what the definition of karma is?

    3. If they’re crying like snowflakes now. I want to hear what the kkk and these white people have to say after they’re enslaved for 400 years.

    4. @Silver Cloud He was a racist. But this video isn’t about Strom Thurmond. It’s about Scott Adams racist tirade and Elon Musk supporting it. Sometimes people try to talk about other people or other things when someone or something they like has been called out for their behavior, they try to deflect.

    1. You mean for white people right.. Because black people and people of color have seen the worst RACIAL INJustice in this country for the past COUPLE 100 years..

    1. You don’t get it. Scott Adams wasn’t fired for exercising free speech he was fired for being a racist jackass!

    1. Because it’s a weird question to ask in the first place. And how many blacks people even participated in that poll? 100 ppl, maybe?

  6. “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then (I) look around and see someone white and feel relieved.”
    -Rev. Jesse Jackson, 1993

    1. BOOM!!!!!!!
      They are making the arguments themselves that proves Scott Adams is right.
      lol at the one demanding “source” when it is commonly known quote.

    2. @Bill Meyer Then doesn’t have the human decency to come back and admit he was wrong–after Googling the quote. It is always all about playing the victim. The cold, hard truth is…no one hates blks more than they hate and harm each other. The statistics do not lie.

  7. Lol at how they gerrymandered the ADL into this… and could he have said “free speech comes with consequences” any more smugly? Like, at least try not to sound like you’re smiling

  8. I applaud both Musk and Adams. We need more people with balls that speak the truth and don’t listen to trash like CNN.

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