Empty strollers honor 109 killed children in Ukraine | USA TODAY

Empty strollers sit in a square in Lviv to remember the children killed in Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

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The fighting has led more than 3.27 million people to flee Ukraine, the U.N. estimates. More than 2 million people have gone to Poland, the country's border agency said Friday. The death toll remains unknown, though Ukraine has said thousands of civilians have died.

Among the most condemned attacks of the Russian invasion was last week's airstrike on a maternity hospital in Mariupol that killed three people and left 17 injured.

The World Health Organization says that's just one of 43 confirmed attacks on hospitals and health care facilities by Russian forces since the war began. Those aggressions have killed 12 and injured 34.

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    1. Literally, your government start war for winning elections
      And now you are talking about peace

      Hiroshima Nagasaki mass killings
      Vietnam War
      Kuwait and Iraq war
      Afghan war
      (You involved all of nato forces and then withdraw your troops by giving 7 billion dollars weapons to taliban)
      50~ people are killed everyd month in Afghanistan
      20 people are killed every month in Pakistan

    2. @मराठी माणूस 🇮🇳 First of all, there are lots people who did not vote for the people who started those wars. The voting outcome is determined by a majority vote, not a unanimous one. Second of all, you just blamed an entire war on a stranger who you know nothing about who only said that they wanted worldwide peace and not war. I completely understand why you are upset, and I am too, but we should not take it out on random people.

    3. @Lia what if Cuba make alliance with China or Russia


    4. @Lia when ever we talked about history, country is blamed and not political party
      And Sleepy joe is worst PM of USA
      We(India and Central Asian countries)already had northen alliance to counter taliban
      But US entered Afghanistan and Now central Asia ,Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are suffering, because of dumb policies by Joe
      Atlest 3 terrorists attack in Kashmir are done by Mujahideen every month and they have advanced weapons left by USA in Afghanistan

    5. @मराठी माणूस 🇮🇳 my president is the worst president in history I do agree with u on that fact and that we have helped Ukraine as well but we did nothing but stood by and have done nothing. I’m ashamed from where I’m from sadly

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    1. @Kathy N your right. Let’s not mention brown babies. The only ones that count are white babies. Ty for bringing that to my attention. 👍

    1. @Sandra McGill this was made in the WESTERN Ukraine, where the situation is not as bad as in Central and Eastern. Don’t do such stupid conclusions. People, kids are dying, while you are writing this

    2. @ira andrushko Exactly!! No matter the size of the war, it is still war. These people are simply trying to find ways to spread the message that war costs so many innocent lives, and am VERY sure that the people involved in larger wars as of right now, and the people who have lost loved ones in a war, do not mind what these people are doing.

    3. @ira andrushko what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki mate??
      2 lakh people killed in those blast
      Japanese don’t hate USA that much for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

      Ukrainians will do the same

    4. @मराठी माणूस 🇮🇳 Not sure what kind of relationship the japanese and americans had before Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but I suppose that neutral. When talking about russia and Ukraine, there has been a conflict for more than those 8 years of a real war. I understand that most people are not interested in the history of other countries, but ukrainians will never forgive russians. For centuries, Russians have worked to destroy our language, our traditions, and worst of all, our lives. Just educate yourself with such thing as “Holodomor” the artificial famine that these nits created in Ukraine to destroy our people. It has always been a tension between us, and we will never forgive. The situation now…. I can’t even describe, while here people are dying, they are still silent…….. and doing just NOTHING.

  2. ANY city, any town, anywhere where families are being bombarded should move strollers, children’s plastic playhouses – anything that can memorialize their child to the world watching. It is the most powerful statement I have seen.

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    1. @Kathy N what about all the Kids that died in Hiroshima, Americans point fingers when they have two pointing right back at them , I would expect Russia to be dropping a atom Bomb very soon.

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