Energy sector funding is ‘based purely on demand’: Morneau 1

Energy sector funding is ‘based purely on demand’: Morneau


Finance Minister Bill Morneau explains the government assistant program and responds to the criticism the package has received.

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    1. Jogbird − What welfare? And, providing liquidity through the EDC (which is what the oil + gas sector asked for) is not a bailout ; what the auto sector received in 2009, however, *was* a bailout.

    2. Your comment is ignorant and uninformed. You really think more taxes is what will fix everything? How about a covid tax too? We have one for the climate and wow what great results.

  1. Do you actually think you’re going get a straight and honest comment from any of these thieves? All they know how to do is give none truths and actions!

  2. Large cooperation’s who make billions in profits yet want bail outs ? Now why is that wrong ? They have there money stored away and don’t think they should use it in times of need ? ……..Never trust a Liberal !!

  3. 1:35 Equity for support of business financially through a bailout…. I have been talking about this as well. Financial aid could be given to equity companies created by workers. More workers, more funds available, etc.
    The loan is against equity in the company. This gives the company a choice at a contracted date to pay back the money or turn it to an equity contract with the employee equity companies.
    Simply put, the money flows up but funded by the federal government under its terms through employee equity groups to fund the companies.

    … and The Honorable Finance Minsters answer to the question?
    Well he spoke for what any business person in posturing of power says at the opening of negotiations. Saying they are not willing to give anything up to get the funds, not calling it a bailout.
    Stating it is just a loan that gets discounted up to 25% if paid back in time…. like, the opposite of paying interest… think about that for a second…

    Once they get that loan, then they later ask for a bailout with the “too big to fail argument” or full Corona blame. It’s all a game playing out we have seen before when big business is catered to.

  4. Where is the Heritage Trust Fund that we put into effect for hard times? 12 billion in the first one and then they started a second Heritage Trust Fund for some reason. Who knows how much is in that one.

  5. The energy sector has more money than anyone! You should take this opportunity to ban these terrible factions! Get rid of them and turn Canada GREEN!!!!

    1. I just want someone explain to me what is green energy? If it is solar or wind power don’t you need lithium batteries to harness that power. And if that is it do you know how lithium is mined. Not really a green resolve.


  7. Wtf is the point of them speaking to the press? It’s always, “were talking , we’ve been thinking, things are so fluid “. Oh and dont mention China! Pathetic.

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