24 Comments on "English football is governed by the ‘male, pale and stale’"

  1. So they’re doing a good job, but she wants them removed because of the way
    they look? Actually a very racist remark and if she were white, she would
    be reprimanded. So SICK of the double standard.

  2. TheRealShiggy 69 | December 16, 2016 at 8:59 AM | Reply

    i don’t even get her freaking Point.
    this Woman clearly has No idea about Football

  3. Jesus Christ man.
    Does this woman even think before she speaks?

  4. What happened to the UK being a meritocracy? She wants people removed from
    their job on the basis of their skin colour and sex and not on what they
    can bring to the job

  5. She is so stupid

  6. racist

  7. Jeffrey Nelson | December 16, 2016 at 9:37 AM | Reply

    And the black hack is whack

  8. Casual anti-white bigotry. Her twitter page is much the same.

  9. Racist and sexist statements

  10. Is her solution to also bring more gender ‘diversity’ to soccer games? What
    a racist, sexist idiot

  11. Sham dogwhistle politics of diversity. Open racism on the part of the
    complainant. Not brought to task, infantile questioning. Pathetic.

  12. can i go to Africa and say the Organisations there are too black?

    And english National Team is not as successful due to foreigners taking
    their spots in almost all Clubs.

  13. So only brown people are qualified to be running predominantly brown
    countries and only brown people are qualified to run predominantly white
    countries. I’ll bet this person screamed racist the moment she left the
    studio door.

  14. Just imagine switching it around and saying “Brown, female, and smelly” and
    imagine a white man says it. That is classic racism i’m sorry, did I miss
    the memo that said this is ok? Disgraceful and unnecessary.

  15. I wonder if this person has ever played football or been to a match or even
    watched a game.

  16. White men have been arrested for less racist remarks. Make formal
    complaints to the police.

  17. Its our fault that blacks are the least intelligent race on the planet?
    Those pavement apes never evolved. Their low IQ’s prevent them from
    advancing beyond anything but race.

  18. imagine the uproar, if a white African said African football is to black.

  19. Brick Dictator | December 16, 2016 at 7:41 PM | Reply

    She says people who look the same color will answer questions the same way.
    but she looks old for a 2nd grader.

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