Environment Minister Wilkinson explains the details of Ottawa’s climate plan

Environment Minister Wilkinson explains the details of Ottawa's climate plan 1


  1. If our tyrannical government moved most Canadians to India, we could cut our carbon emissions by more than half because we wouldn’t have to heat all those cold-climate homes, businesses, and do all that driving. We are literally doing the opposite though.

  2. Nothing will change for the environment, the money will go to the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). This is robbery from the middle class. We need to get rid of this government. Very bad day for Canada

  3. Where is the evidence that these policies will help to reverse or stop climate change? Climate change research delves in a lot of different hypothesis that don’t yield any definitive terms but rather bases itself on assumptions of what “may” or “could” happen. It’s frightening that we have a government implementing unproven policies that will have negative impacts on our current economy during this crisis we are in.

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