Environmental protestors overshadow COP15 summit

Protestors took to the streets of Montreal to demand world leaders at the 2022 COP15 summit for more effective strategies to fight climate change.

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  1. Quick Justin, arrest them! Oh, wait, they r exempt in the country of Quebec, right? Soon, AB will be it’s own country 2, what then Justin?

    1. I agree, who is organizing and whipping the troops… presented this way, this looks like it could be government prepping the “civilian” population for more unilateral regulations, skipping due process (democratic debate on what is real, what are the fundamentals and what is deemed necessary to achieve the “goals”. As someone pointed out today, our rush to go green accelerates the problem.

    1. @TheBrendon67 They were clearly offering solutions to industrial climate change. Anti-capitalism.

    1. @TheBrendon67 I was killed by a Bouncy Castle but I walked it off. Sure, it stung a bit, but…..

  2. Environmentalist in nylon jackets with a nylon sign,let’s take away all their oil products and see what they protest then!

    1. You realize you can make things without fossil fuels right?

      Cheap plastic is in everything because we have chosen cheaper products over better made products.

      Oil has gotten so out of hand that even our money is made out of it.

    2. @Awesome Matthews
      We should move to a coin based money system.
      That way my limited funds that I now get to pay for gas (that I have no choice but to buy because my cup just runneth over with options and alternatives from the government) will look like more money than it actually is.

    3. @Awesome Matthews
      Perhaps we should, instead, use some of that carbon-based money to, now this might seem crazy, create some alternatives instead of ideological arguments that lead to NOTHING.
      I dunno though… I may be crazy.

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