1. @Cowboys Fan on the contrary, masking has been used in many pandemic and epidemic situations throughout history, it has nothing to do with culture…

  1. It’s an airborne respiratory disease not a political idea, religious belief nor lifestyle choice …

  2. “Daughter” variant now lol. I’ll take this seriously when the daughter and son variant have a baby variant 🙄

  3. “especially children who are very vulnerable” – That sentence makes me lose any trust in this doctor as clearly 1000’s of research papers, experiments and real time observations prove that children are the LEAST vulnerable age group. Are the 90 year old + the most safe and immune? seriously?

    1. You try wearing a mask 8 hrs a days in a hot polluted factory when you work by yourself 99% of the time.

    1. It has nothing to do with empathy. It’s more about seeing the truth. If you can’t see it by now you’re either part of the problem or just plain ignorant.

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