Epidemiologist: We Need More Covid Optimism | All In | MSNBC 1

Epidemiologist: We Need More Covid Optimism | All In | MSNBC


“We absolutely need more Covid optimism, especially because of the vaccines. We need to make sure we are painting a picture to the American public that we have better days ahead with vaccinations,” says Dr. Syra Madad. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Epidemiologist: We Need More Covid Optimism | All In | MSNBC


    1. If Trump did the same thing it would be front Page news… Stop eating the fascist propaganda liberals love to eat like candy

  1. Heartbreaking because this could have been avoided. We could have saved all those precious lives if things were done right from day one of the virus landing on our shore.

  2. I thought when Biden and Harris that all this would stop . Can you imagine what this presenter would say if Trump was still President and The gross insults the Presenter would fire at Trump .

  3. Why did the maga supporter bring a ladder to the party?
    Because someone told him the drinks were on the house.

    Just kidding. No one invites maga cultists to their parties.

    1. Did you hear about the MAGA supporter that died while raking leaves? He fell out of a tree.

      Did you hear about the MAGA supporter that tried to commit suicide? He jumped out the basement window.

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