Epstein Accusers On Abuse: ‘He Was Very Strategic In How He Approached Us’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Epstein Accusers On Abuse: 'He Was Very Strategic In How He Approached Us' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


Following accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's death by suicide, approximately 30 victims gathered in a New York City court to tell their stories about their alleged abuse.
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Epstein Accusers On Abuse: 'He Was Very Strategic In How He Approached Us' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

37 Comments on "Epstein Accusers On Abuse: ‘He Was Very Strategic In How He Approached Us’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC"

  1. Maxwell should be arrested.

  2. So what’s the legal rationale for not charging that Maxwell lady in this crime? Does anyone know?

    • @Rabbit Snare I answered you above in the only way anyone without secret inside information can. Your question assumes the investigation is over and that all decisions to charge or not to charge have already been made — which I seriously doubt. I am not aware of any rules requiring co-conspirators to be charged at the exact same time, so just because she has not YET been charged does not mean she necessarily gets a “free pass.” Does that make sense?

    • @CommaCam

      Maybe you’re right. My issue is that Epstein’s guilty plea came way back in 2008. If Maxwell was going to be charged, they were sure taking their time about it – 11 years, anyway.

      My thinking is that this whole thing would have gone away and been forgotten if that reporter from the Miami Herald hadn’t started chasing it down. Were it not for those articles, both Epstein and Maxwell would be free as birds today, preying on young girls.

      I’m not attacking or dismissing you. I’m just curious how Maxwell was able to dodge it back in 2008. What would be the LEGAL reason for letting her walk?

    • @Rabbit Snare No worries, I understand — and I also understand the frustration that someone like this would skate by for so long in plain view with no punishment. There’s a decent explanation of the likely strategy involved here from Business Insider a few days ago. Search the web for business insider maxwell kingpin and it should come up at the top.

      The legal reason for letting her walk in 2008 was the non-prosecution agreement in Florida (which was bogus, but whatever). The reason for letting her walk recently was that she could provide useful information to turn the screws into Epstein, but since he’s dead now, that’s obviously off the table. Which means there’s no good reason for letting her walk anymore. She’s effectively the kingpin of the organization now. All the evidence leads to her.

    • @CommaCam

      I can accept that. Thanks for responding.

  3. So many answers left untold!

  4. Maxwell was a Madame deserves jail time. An obvious sociopath.

    • and you know that because the actors who work for msnbc told you that?

    • @bingo_fuel Only disgusting filth would try to take up for anyone who would participate in the abuse of children.

    • Mega Group founder, Les Wexner equippeed his $77 million Manhattan townhouse with extensive surveillance bugs and cameras right before giving it to Epstein for $1. Wexner is the architect of the operation.

  5. Patricia Dixon | August 27, 2019 at 4:16 PM | Reply

    Where is Lesley Wexner ?

  6. Patricia Dixon | August 27, 2019 at 4:18 PM | Reply

    Small bones found on epsteins island too  

    Children from Haiti, 3500 children disappeared from Haiti.

  7. Ghislaine Maxwell STILL NOT arrested!!!!! They know where she is located! WTF is going on??????

    • Alternative Headlines | August 27, 2019 at 5:48 PM | Reply

      Uh, maybe the FBI is protecting her? Maybe she was an FBI asset all along?

    • No questions from Mockingbird Media about why their favorite “disgraced financier” didn’t have his island raided until five weeks after his arrest when there could have been kids still locked up there? His New Mexico ranch still not raided?

    • The Queen was also given the death penalty for the murder of Dianna and taking part in the child stuff. You know

    • Ryan B There were some news reports the ranch was “investigated” by the FBI. Not really impressed 😒

  8. why hasn’t she been charged ?!?!

    oc they are scared

    he might be gone but the men are alive and have power

  9. Maxwell is so long gone, like a turkey in the corn. She will never resurface.

  10. Trump for prison in 2020.I prefer presidents who don’t have diseased brains 😉

    • trump is Clearly a fraud, and shamelessly incompetent. He is Clearly under putins thumb, as in he has to cater to putins demands and wishes . The republican party must remove him from office and stop covering for him. This is not a partisan issue but it is an American problem.

  11. Many people who work for the media will have the opportunity to see a military tribunal first hand. Iam greatful they will be seated in the defendants chair. NOW COMES THE PAIN.

  12. The media knows far more about the military tribunals then you would ever believe.

  13. Maxwell needs to be in jail. Without her Epstein would not have had any girls. She recruited them ALL!

  14. epsteins defense team needs to become more of a willing target for our ford flopped press, based on their access to the video malfunction excuse parameters and the associated components of evidence which can mediate more of the publics understanding or acceptance of conclusion. the target list of unwilling conspirators or as of yet uncharged accomplices is well known but not in any way evaluated under the political terms our intern impeached clinton scam press try to function or operate if they need a consensus. thats a troubling aspect, professionally institutionally and constitutionally, in addition to yet another consistently corrupt stain on democracy that our disgraced democrat press parade as their ability to protect.

  15. Epstein wasn’t just some flasher in the park.
    He had the money, the connections, and the power to make this happen…
    I’m just sad he didn’t live the rest of his days in jail…and that his victims never got their chance at justice.

  16. Mainstream media provides an illusion of comprehensive Epstein “coverage,” but never provides any new information, while studiously avoiding the obvious, no-brainer questions everyone has. Real analysis on this case comes from sources far away from these discredited networks. One lone newspaper, (and citizen journalism), have been far more effective in probing and revealing this dark story than the entire corporate media.

  17. Michael Grant JR | August 27, 2019 at 8:39 PM | Reply

    Is Maxwell close to Trump?

  18. Legacy of Free domain | August 27, 2019 at 8:43 PM | Reply

    They can’t touch her she knows their secrets. The global governing class on all levels would be destroyed. Let it be.

  19. How does Maxwell live with herself? Why does she smile for cameras?

  20. Bill Clinton flew on his private jet 26 times

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