Eric Garner’s Mother: George Floyd’s Death ‘A Boomerang’ To My Son’s | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Biden is tied up with the BLM thugs to get the black vote and Sanders communist utopia to get the progressive vote!

    1. Join the party and let’s continue to burn every blm flag we see! Oh, and don’t worry about those antifa kids, one backhand and they are on the floor dialing 911.

    2. @allabout perspective You’re triggered. Calm down little boy. You can go ahead and support that racist movement that admits they are marxist all you want. We will continue to burn every single one of their flags. You, not anyone else, will do anything to stop it.

    1. Cool beans and I’m worried about your cult leader throwing a tantrum when he loses the election

    2. @Dani Vertiz don’t f cry now your gonna cry for 4 yers common just relax TRUM 4 MORE YEARS

    3. Jose I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you realize your cult leader didin’t win

  2. 150 Minneapolis Police officers are retiring early! 400 New York Police officers set for early retirement! All police officers should quit! A democratic paradise

    1. Imagine needing the police, and some 250 pound woman with pink hair and nose rings comes to you and says “I’m here to help”.

    2. @SouthSide Chicago what Randy Douch doesn’t know is that if the local cops are gone, then the state police and the FEDS will move right on in and that will be much worse. It’s hard for the demon-rats to think outside the box. Very hard.

    1. Biden thought Obama was a clean black man! Can he find a clean enough black female for VP?? Doubt it!

  3. U.S.—Nick Cannon has stepped down from his position as host of The Masked Singer, saying he doesn’t know how to judge someone’s singing voice without first seeing the color of their skin. The move comes just days after Cannon totally owned white people on his podcast, calling them “sick animals,” and “rotten little mountain people.”

  4. She should remember that her son had been arrested over 30 times in his lifetime and she should then think about this:
    At the time of his death, Garner was out on bail after being charged with illegally selling cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession and false impersonation.
    Had he not resisted arrest he’d be alive today. That’s what she should remember. When criminals resist the police good patriotic mentally sound Americans will always root for the police. Additionally we need more police in this country and more funding for the police. Donald Trump will make sure that happens. If she is going to pass on any message it should be don’t live like my son, don’t resist arrest, obey the law. Making martyrs of these criminals is criminal.

    1. I dont know about you but im not paying Police to strangle anyone to Death on the street. Respect Police but Dont worship Police. They work for us

    2. He was selling cigarettes while driving? How ever seems to me that you mean; they are all major crimes that someone should be killed for by the police . Just like idiots like yourself she has the freedom of speech . Have you ever compared the amount of people that get killed by the police (every year) here and in other developed countries? We need change!

    1. @The Wraith Yeah, let’s just give child abusers money! Sounds exactly what the modern day liberal would say.

    2. @The Wraith George Floyd was sent to jail for that. Are you saying that Garner was also sent to prison for that?

    1. Did this guy have a record? Because selling single cigarettes is not a crime in my book. That’s a misfortune. If you are reducing to selling single cigarettes to get by that’s just sad.

  5. The democrats founded the KKK eight months after the end of the civil war. For over 120 years democrats lynched black people, and burned crosses in their yards.
    Historical facts

    1. And why did all the Segregationist States turn Republican after the 1960s ? Was it because the bigots aligned with Dr King because he was a Republican??

    2. @Pauo Bunyon the last KKK lynching was March 21 1981. It was done by Henry Hays and James Knowles, two democrat KKK members. The bulk of the democrat KKK lynchings and murders took place between 1866 and 1950. All the lynchings were done by kkk democrat party.
      Google, “Klanbake”, and look at the 1924 democrat Convention in New York. It was the longest continuously running Convention in political history. The democrat politicians marched the streets of New York wearing their Klan robes and white pointed hats. The KKK was the democrat party.


    4. @Pauo Bunyon if you Google, ” We’ll have those n****** voting democrat for the next 200 years”.
      It’s a quote from LBJ about the reason for giving black people their civil rights. Also giving them a new kind of welfare, which destroyed the black family unit, and made black people dependent on the government. Black woman no longer needed black men to support their children, the government will fo that now. So, we saw the exit of the black man from the family unit.
      The argument that white men need to stand together to stop civil rights legislation was over because civil rights legislation was already passed. So white people began to vote Republican, so the south became more Republican.

  6. I’m sorry for you loss Mrs.Gardner….An unnecessary death…Prayers sent to you…George’s family as well…

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