Erosion Part 1: Portland & St. Mary, Jamaica | TVJ News – June 16 2021

From the air and by land this evening our news team takes you on a journey to view the worsening erosion along a section of the coastline in Portland and Saint Mary in Jamaica. Our reporter Krista Campbell looks at the extent of the problem in part one of this Prime Time News special report.

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  1. There’s a spiritual curse on this Island. Too much sexual sin, too much murders, too many child abuse . Too many sins the land and the sea clapping back.

    1. @Courtney Miller only when u dead the time go end no one is taking care of mother earth what u think is going to happen everyone is taking and not putting back no curse its just ppl being stupid and greedy

  2. Sea front my backfoot hills for I and I. Leave that sea front for Fisher men and boats.

  3. Did you know salt has the power to split rocks? It puts pressure on it which will eventually cause it to break

  4. Man behave as if they are wiser than God so they continue to build where they arent suppose to…

  5. That’s so true we could play football and volley on the sea shore and not get our feet wet

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