Ethereum's 27-year-old founder says we're in a crypto bubble. Did it just burst? 1

Ethereum’s 27-year-old founder says we’re in a crypto bubble. Did it just burst?


Vitalik Buterin is the 27-year-old co-founder of the world's second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. He talks bubbles, Elon Musk, and "screwing the big guy" with CNN Business' Matt Egan. #CNN #News #Business


  1. I loved what he said about social media giants having too much control over us. Hopefully the blockchain can help with that too!

    1. @For An Angel I’m published in two languages, multiple times at a very young age, I didn’t apply either; multiple English scholars have always admired my level of writing, plus multiple people online over the years. Just mentioning given the situation, I am not into bragging, but I am tired of been put down ignoring that I am too educated in topics like this one, which Musk isn’t btw., where I have extensive education and experience successfully through over a decade in business with focus on accounting, asset rescue, growth, combined with tech systems, etc. which I also was the architect of systems in these areas and solved major issues for big telecommunications and other tech and finance areas; some of my many skills, and also I do have credentials of my claims.

      It seems at this moment your focus is finding ways to insult me while ignoring the facts. Again, you can claim whatever you wish, I do like to look at things that are of value even if they take effort in not ideal ways to spend one’s time (when investigating the issues I explained for example, I did not find any pleasure looking up either Musk or Grimes whatsoever) compared to the quick pleasures of more simple quests, you have claimed you don’t read from the very start, and only attempt to continue replying in attempts you aim to degrade me, deflect fully the mentioned; and also perhaps an attempt to bring me to your level, been aware yourself we aren’t on the same? Only you know the answer, and I can only reply to your typed words here and your intent with them.

      Think about how you spend your life if you want better for it.

      I had to work hard to learn, and in some circumstances while been under abusive situations simultaneously, very poor, even more than what I am now, which is privileged to compare to streets, and people in impoverished nations, but it’s not luxurious or even considered average to the city and country where I live; if I could in that, if I can while been harassed, insulted by you and the likes, degraded, undervalued, plagiarized, in my physical world deal with issues, and targeted by people with a lot of things, well position but empty inside, while dealing with tons of pain, been of low income, a single mom, no spousal or familial support, supporting and helping not only people at random and with my actions, but a son with special needs, while also been a survivor of terrors, etc. so can others like you – you have time to insult me, you have time to become better than the poor choice elected.

      Also, unless you are Elon Musk and or Grimes or someone in the likes of privilege, you happen to be ignoring knowledge that affects your future, your health, your wellbeing. You are affected by technology and corporate abuse, by misleading role models used later to coerce you into poor choices that ripple badly in your personal world too. If you are young, affects you still now, and in the future you will be an adult also accountable for yourself and others, weather by choice of family, or indirectly by living in society. The health of the society you live in, the quality of your life, the access to benefits, is all affected also by the people you support – this is your responsibility and how you also invest in your future; be smarter.

      Last reply.

    2. the last thing in the world that we need is for the lunatics and conspiracy theorists to have an even longer leash on social media.

    3. The social media banning and narrative control it’s not based on “conspiracies”; look how many people with anti vaccine and other publicly sensitive conspiracies are around and thriving.

      It’s also not based on political leniency; that’s also easy to observe once you see extreme commentators with verification marks, endorsement, and huge follower platforms, that are also allowed to trend; both extremes of politics in america, and across the planet.

      It’s more targeting of those who speak thoughtfully, and also bring attention to issues that cannot be polarizing, but open the talk to uncomfortable topics in society for which a lot of tech giants are also part of the not so positive issues facing society at present, and the future been developed. One easy topic that falls under technofascism is espionage by private orgs, and human profiling. Not conspiracies in the slightest either, lots of publicly known and available investigations on tech companies, data mining, and human profiling which includes psychological.

      Check: “The Social Dilemma” – it’s an amazing documentary on this topic. More specific to Musk and Tesla data mining and Trump admin issues too with election tampering that included the american in 2016 and the whole Brexit thing, it’s called: “The Great Hack”. Those two can give you a good intro on technology issues of modern age and why the same abusers such as Musk, cannot be your “saviours”.

  2. Musk said Tesla wasn’t accepting crypto anymore yet didn’t sell his. Now he can buy Bitcoin for $40,000 instead of $70,000.

    1. so 40 k is a good deal now? LOL you guys get to go through some growing pains in the near future!

    2. Musk is a bag holder of BTC & dogecoin and all he does is either pump or dump just to accumulate for the long haul.

  3. The company that produces some of the most popular mining hardware, Nvidia, just announced that they will sell their cards in a variant with halved Hash rate computing power, specifically for ETH mining. Miners will just move on a bit sooner to the next crypto thing and produce a new bubble… as long as there is physical money to be made by wasting electricity, this will go in and on and on… greed being the fuel.

    1. Actually coal is mostly the fuel… crypto being one of the un-greenest things you could imagine.

    1. Patience: Eth going to proof of stake next year. You’ll be able to buy as many as you want. 😉

  4. I’d like an idiot’s guide please?
    I’m so confused about bit coin. Blockchain and this whole concept

    1. Bitcoin is simple. Imagine a huge Excel sheet with 3 columns.

      First column is labeled “From” and holds Bitcoin addresses (for example “18UjuHlkh398DIhkIaEO7YfJDmLI3eF383”) which are similar to bank account numbers.

      Second column is labeled “To” and also holds Bitcoin addresses.

      Third column is labeled “Amount” and holds an amount of Bitcoin (for example “0.000338”).

      Whenever somebody sends Bitcoin from one address to another, a new line is added to the Excel sheet. But: These new lines are never added individually, but always in blocks of like 2000-3000. This is the reason why it’s called “blockchain”, because data is never erased, instead only added in blocks.

      Thousands of computers in the world have a copy of this Excel sheet and are constantly syncing it with each other. (You can have yours, too. You don’t even have to register or something.) If you change your copy of the sheet, for example give yourself more Bitcoin by editing a line, the result will not be that you’re richer – the result will be that the rest of the network says: “don’t listen to this guy, he’s a cheater”, and you’re out. This works safely thanks to something called “mining”.

      Mining is a process which takes all the numbers that are in the Excel sheet and does some heavy math calculations with it. Think of “First number multiplied with second number minus third number of next line times last number from behind….. and then do all of this a billion times and then again but this time change number 10 after the comma…” and so on. Well, the end result is: Thanks to these calculations everybody knows that he has the same, 100%-correctly synced Excel sheet like everybody else, and that nobody cheated.

      The Excel sheet is public. Anybody can see any transaction in it. But nobody knows who is behind each Bitcoin address. And everybody can have as many Bitcoin addresses as he wants. So, privacy heavily depends on how an individual uses Bitcoin. If you always use the same address and tell the internet that this address belongs to you, everybody will know every transaction you ever did.

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    4. You could see that it was giving a bearish signal but to many people are in with Bitcoin. And thought of selling get them upset to say the lease. That why you make sure you are not attach to a particular asset.

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  5. I haven’t researched crypto-currency and have no idea what it is. Right now it just seems like Super Mario money to me.

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  6. This was an interesting video! I’m positive the cryptocurrency market would get back on it’s peak with the latest involvement of one of the US megabanks, JP Morgan, according to an article I read on coindesk, JPMorgan bitcoin ETF could kick off sooner than thought and I expect other big financial institutions to key into the future too, due to the high demands of clients wanting to invest in the cryptocurrency

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    1. Pump and dump are mini ponzis created by traders. You can have legitimate stocks being pump and dumped, same goes for cryptocurrencies

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  9. Remember, you can hold coins forever ! Even if it goes down DONT SELL, HOLD THE LINE. I bought btc at 15k , it dropped to 3k last March and here we are now.

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