1. CNN, what’s with the cryptic YouTube titles? You can do better. And where’s your live stream? Thanks for turning the comments on at least.

    1. I get annoyed with the comments turned off too. Doesn’t let you exercise your first amendment right to call the garbage out.

    1. YES!!!! Meanwhile women in the US eat themselves to “whale status” and #thicc is oh so “in” on teh ‘gram.

  2. Keep them overthere until we know what a he’ll is going on! If my brother overthere i will say same, i did not push him to go in China!

  3. Big difference between these “quarantines” and the internment camps at the border of the US.

    1. @travelsofablackrose wtf he can date whoever he wants, and of whatever race he wants and there’s no “should” in that.

    2. @Lexi Nyah are you black? You do know that black men date out at twice the rate as black women and want to at a far higher rate and 80% of black women are single moms and unmarried and least desirable to other races? White/latina women can keep their paws off of self hating blk men. Use your brain

    1. @Giovanni Tarini even if he lives in Canada and met you in person, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t date you anyway. Not wanting to go out with people only because of their height… Shake my head 🤦‍♂️

  4. This is more like booty interview/invitation than regular feedback from a athletic returning home from Raccon= corona town 🏡 back to US.

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