1. @Hendrycks Putt “Leroy” here will only remember what the disinformation blog says to type on social media this week.

  1. Don’t care, just happy to finally be out of that republican mess…Now we can focus on the traitors here among us in 45 and the republicans…

    1. Americans care as the marxist only wanted more welfare and forget Americans as the marxist elites have nothing but Trump stuck in their head corruption waste crisis and chaos and hopefully that marxist elite in California be gone and 2022 can’t come fast enough as Biden probably lose another 10 points this month and Americans are waking up to Fauci and the communist CDC

    2. @Paul Wilson Traitor 45 and the traitor republicans criminal incompetence unleashed it on the country..End of story

    3. @E E 98% of them had other conditions. It still sucks, but nothing we can do. Else we would see things getting better. But we are not. It follows flu season everywhere in the world.

    4. @E E If Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was such an extraordinary success, why is trying to give Donald Trump the credit for it?

    5. @E E What I’m saying is the same thing most Americans are saying. I wanted to leave Afghanistan, but removing the military and abandoning the civilians, and 80 billion dollars worth of arms to the Taliban was an extraordinarily stupid thing to do. This is all on Joe Biden, and morons who voted for him.

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  2. Last I heard there were 6 planes (commercial) filled with people ready to depart. The Taliban is holding them hostage for money and goats.

  3. trump made the deal over a year ago saying the USA was leaving. anyone not out is on them. money ain’t everything certainly not your life

    1. No. Talibiden was lying to the Americans assuring ppl the Taliban were a minimal threat. Talibiden even told Ghani to lie!!!!! Talibiden orchestrated this whole disaster. If you voted for that slug you get credit also.

    2. @Christian 153 What were those conditions? Cite part, section and clause of the deal that state these fantasy conditions.

    3. @Suomy Nona Not to Brite that’s okay they say talent Skips a generation I’m sure your kids will be shape as a razor blade .

    4. Democrats hate America and Americans period. You must have forgotten the ABC soft ball interview with Joe Biden we will bring all our citizens home. What is really going on real American Veteran patriots are extracting us 🇺🇸 citizens. But you are probably more caught up on the weaponized criminal justice system who is trying to lock anybody up who don’t agree with the lefts politics. Just here to remind you the pendulum swings both ways. It happened with the Supreme Court nomination that still has the left crying. 2022 is going to be a better year come November.

    5. If Biden doesn’t have any more authority to change his options as being the Commander in Chief then we why do we have a president? Biden is weak and ineffective and all that’s important with democrats is that every issue that Biden screws up is trying to twist it to be Trump’s fault. Even in this story when they can’t deny Biden messed this up they have to try and implicate Trump with him.

  4. Contact home minister of Afganistan Sirajudeen Haqaani and slove problem . Lol . Shame for USA Haqaani loughed louder .

  5. OK Trump made the deal Biden said its Trumps fault for making the deal he had no choice but too withdrawal so we will take the credit for ending the war & Biden can have the credit for the bumbling withdrawal 🤭🙋🏻‍♂️

  6. You are Lying the airport is not ready because it was destroy
    they allow any American to leave by land
    Why did the US destroy the airport before they leave

  7. If US citizens are still there its on them, they had months of warning and they made the decision to stay. No more dead US troops from American citizens ignorance and negligence…

  8. The US never won the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. The Taliban and isis had an endless supply of new recruits. Bush Jr was a fool for trying to install a puppet government in Afghanistan.

  9. Anything on MSNBC that features Donald Trump is sure to get hundreds of thousands of views, but MSNBC can’t get an audience for Americans be held hostage in Afghanistan.

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