Evidence Shows Police Dealt With Fear And Chaos During Capitol Riot | MSNBC


  1. It played out almost like a movie. It was so obvious weeks before, not days. Like a job that was definitely orchestrated.

    1. @Hamlet K Squid I know how people like you are and how you think. You may want to watch yourself or you may have everything turned up sound down for you

    2. @Hamlet K Squid lol sure ill go take my meds now and you go drink your nice warm glass of cowardness. 😂😂😂

  2. I watched the coverage today. I do not see how Trump’s defense team can present a defense.

    Any member of Congress that does not vote for conviction should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Problem is – many of the Republicans present _did not watch_ the videos. They refused to look at them. Heartless cowards.

    2. Anyone else notice how ridiculous it was that Trump wanted the mob to interrupt Congressional Republicans’ interruption of the vote certification?

      Certification usually takes about an hour. When the riot started, Republicans were already in the middle of a marathon session to stop the certification.

      They stopped the “stopping of the steal”!

    3. @President Elect Keith you are a cultist. Seek help. Or live in your filthy reality for the rest of your miserable and fearful life. I don’t really care which anymore. You people who support traitors have no right to call yourselves Americans.

  3. Looking forward to more on the Republican plans for *martial law* and how Trump planned to rule the country after the capitol fell.

  4. The senator brought up such a good point people died to stop the plane on 9.11. They MUST CONVICT its imperative, people still believe it was rigged

    1. She’s actually from the House of Representatives (as are all the impeachment managers, basically they are the prosecutors). She’s a representative for the US Virgin Islands.

    1. Fake government support bot. Nobody trust the American government anymore and they have to create fake bots to trick the young dumb people to think everybody loves them.

    1. @Patton Moore I may be in love w/ you. Some people wanna believe the nonsense for some reason I don’t understand. There are going to be the diehard MAGAts that will follow Trump over a cliff. When I was a teenager & angry, I would say to my mom, “Well, Lisa gets to do such-and-such,” Her reply? “If Lisa jumped off a bridge, would you, too?” It’s that same narrow, undeveloped ability to think for one’s self or critically. I just don’t know how you fix stupid, especially in grown adults.

    2. Should be put on the Secret Service detail but they did promote him to a deputy sergeant at arms post. Anyone thinks this is fake news deserves to just be hanged themselves..

    3. You ALL are being duped trump supporters and Biden supporters. Its all fake news pumped out by the corrupt government and their slime ball media friends.

    4. I didn’t realize that you had already posted that Officer Goodwin should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom before I did. All the more evidence of his valor and potential sacrifice for our country.

  5. Donald Trump is a monster plain and simple! I’ve yet to hear one Senate Republican in 4 years say that Donald Trump is a truthful man, an honorable man, a loving and supportive husband, and a good president for the country! I’ve yet to hear that….. And that tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump!

  6. If Trump hadn’t lied about the election and had admitted he lost and had a peaceful transfer of power this never would have happened

    1. Yes, I think that is pretty clear, since the reason they were so sure there was voter fraud was because the President kept saying so.

  7. Remember all those Republican politicians after 9/11 saying “let’s just move on”?
    Me neither.
    And Trump is America’s 9/11 president.

    1. …though he probably still thinks he’s the 7-11 president.
      Point well made — terrorism and attacks against our country require response and resolution when they’re internally instigated as much as when they come from outside.

  8. The GOP had a chance to get rid of Trump and choose not to. Whatever happens to the GOP party is well deserved.

    1. @v blackwell Fighting for their lives? LMAO. Yeah against each other in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Newark, St. Louis, New Orleans, Miami, NYC, Birmingham, Tulsa, Indianapolis, Dallas, Cleveland, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc, etc, etc, etc.

  9. You cannot use logic when dealing with zombies. They had their minds hi jacked by someone similar to them, loud mouthed and foolish.

  10. USA remember the names of the people that want to let TRUMP off.
    DO NOT Let any of them get close to having any power.

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