Ex-CIA officer calls judge’s ruling in Trump case ‘silly’

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon selected a special master to review the classified documents found in former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and rejected the Justice Department's bid to resume its criminal investigation. David Priess, a former CIA officer, discusses the judge's ruling. #CNN #News


  1. What bothers me the most about this entire fiasco, is the flippant disrespect towards our legal system and laws set in place. It bothers me that as an average citizen, I could never get away with any of this

    1. I don’t think any president, current or former, should be allowed to pick judges at all. All should be elected. And not senate confirmation either. Solely direct ballot initiatives by the people

  2. Joey – you donโ€™t really think that at the end of the special master review, Trump and the Judge are just going to behave, do you?

    1. Right! Like, have you seeeeen what these people are willing to ignore and/or believe?! There is NO evidence, or lack there of, that could ever get them to act reasonably. That’s what a cult is. At some point you kinda have to just give up on trying to convince them. They do not want to believe it, and trying to get someone to believe something they don’t want to is an almost impossible task.

    2. @Cori T
      You are 100%right this is why that is very important to vote theses pinocchios and clowns out of office for good on November vote blue God bless America.

  3. Mr Jackson says there’s no rush, but I’m sure that there are lives at stake in for example the Intelligence community if the DOJ isn’t allowed to investigate these documents A.S.A.P.? I’m lost here…

    1. @Silver Eagle i dont see why it matters to a foreigner but former presidents retain executive privilege in regards to information xD
      we dont give them a pill that makes them forget everything they saw lol

  4. The Florida legal system isn’t about Justice for the people, it’s always been for protecting the powerful.
    Example – Jeffrey Epstein’s first sex abuse case which ended with such leniency.

  5. It always felt like laws were only applied when deemed necessary. Whatโ€™s good for the goose has never been good for the gander right?! I think this pretty much closes the lid on that debateโ€ฆ Heโ€™s the kind of guy that could take a life at Times Square in broad daylight and walk free. Sheesh. America

  6. The DOJ’s response is already in front of the court of appeals, i don’t think the judge is going to be too happy when this stupid order is overturned.

    1. @Avaree trump’s lawyer’s request still should have gone to the one who issued the search warrant, not someone they “knew” he appointed, to get the ruling they wanted!! Just another one of trump’s stall tactics and why he put her on the bench in the area of his resort!! He knew he’d need her one day, and there you have it!!!!

  7. I am AMAZED that the American judicial system has lasted this long if it is a system in which a judge Donald Trump FUCKING APPOINTED is allowed to have this much power and control over his criminal case.

  8. And in the real-time word game that Judge Cannon has so amateurly decided in her ruling, the irreparable damage continues.

  9. The judge should know that Americaโ€™s national security takes precedence over anybody including a former president who appointed her.

  10. As the person who signed the affidavit, I would take the judge to court over defamation. She is blowing up sworn testimony by the DOJ? What?

  11. The other legal analyst said โ€œThere is no rush, whatโ€™s the harm in delaying the investigation etc?โ€ Well the 100 top secrets documents involves national security, nuclear secrets and human intelligence ie someone life could be at risk. Whatโ€™s the rush he said ? Easy for him to say when he sits there with no harm coming to him.

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