Ex-Convict: It’s Never too Late for Redemption – December 8 2020

Ex-Convict: It's Never too Late for Redemption - December 8 2020 1


  1. Sad story, but I’m happy he learned from it. Goes to show that rehabilitation is necessary to prevent recidivism. I do hope that some psychotherapy is included in the rehabilitation process.

  2. Good to see that one can find redemption after a life seem to doom. His story is very inspiring and hope others who find themselves in similar situations will follow his lead. I also hope the Gov. also provide some guidance and funds to help him help others. Blessings πŸ™

  3. Don’t care him took a innocent life him should have serve the 20 years what about the victim? she dont get a second chance. Everybody ago kill and den behave good and get a early release? Justice system is a big joke.

    1. @Denmark McKenzie I don’t believe in violence..
      People must be agree to disagree.
      What could drive a man to killed a woman over her own body?
      I believe if he or she do the crimes MUST do the time, the punishment must fit the crimes..
      Do you believe I am living in the USA.
      I was living in Florida and now Georgia and I don’t own a gun and I don’t want any in my home..

    2. @Denmark McKenzie I don’t like confrontation and I an the one to walk away.
      He could of walk away and the woman would be alive to raise her kids..

    3. @Blessings Godfrey he could of walk away and the woman would be alive today to see her kids become adults..

  4. Judger’s memba sey a nuh murda alone a SIN! With God’s Mercy and Grace and Forgiveness we all sinners can be redeemed Cleaned and FREE!! With God there is No Condemnation! He knows our heart and thoughts with intentions before we even speak or act on it ! We all flesh and fall short at times and get corrected whether we like the consequences of our choice’s or not !Lessons and Blessings indeed they are suh unuh need fi stop the hypocrisy and be realistic encouraging and Christlike he paid is debt became a Better Human Being! God is good and great like that ! Suh a who unuh a judge? Look inna unuh mirrors and self an check if you living by the 10 Commandments and Christlike daily peoples ??? This Man is being used by God to right his wrongs Joyfully, Enthusiastic with Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding willing to help his other brother’s and being their keeper may the good lord continues to guide him and put a firewall of protection around him from you all negatives energies against him continue to lift him up father and Blessings so he can continued being a Blessing to others and Christlike πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œβ€ Love over Hate and Good over Evil ALWAYS!!!!πŸ’ž

    1. Well said he who don’t sin cast the first stone some people gwan like them perfect and them a wolf in sheep clothing we all cant use a wrong to make a right but only but !!!!! When you are young and there’s no guidance any thing can happen in a relationship because teeth and tongue a ago meet maybe he didn’t hit her to kill her but it happen

  5. OK I understood at one point but can you imagine when the kids ask for their mother knowing you are the one that take the life of their mother how can you live with that!!! Now the same kids you were refusing and calling them jacket now you have to accept them, You didn’t get no kids when you were behind Barz So this is the same kids you were refusing, this dose not make any sense to me

  6. Glad to see how God , Jesus changed his life. May God continue to lead him so that other lives can be changed and Jesus gets the glory

  7. This is a testimony of the grace of christ, now walk in the faith lest a worst thing come upon thee my brother.

  8. Thank Good you have rehabilated yourself and is on a mission to help others who are in similar situations ,Redemtion is for everyone , you did the crime and you did the time now you are a new man with positive prospectives ,blessings my bro.

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