Ex-FBI official responds to Durham’s report

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe responds to John Durham's report, which concluded that the FBI had an insufficient basis to open a full investigation into the connections between former President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.


    1. He certainly did under the Trump presidential crime syndicate. Doing the right thing could redeem him to some degree.

  1. What’s odd is for the FBI to be so one sided and to slowwalk every democratic supposed investigation Is that a****** should be in jail

    1. Investigations are not supposed !!!! There’s either an investigation or there’s not. You have something to say , spit dat shite out !

  2. repeat of the Horowitz report, with one exception, Horowitz said the investigation was warranted.

  3. Damn straight! He determined the fate of the investigation from the very start, and all the way through. He just had to come up with his little too soon to add to making that looks so stupid.

  4. This FBI official is 100% right. When an attorney comes out on a high profile case before he’s even started telling you what he assumes has happened then that’s what he’s gonna be making sure the investigation shows because he definitely doesn’t want to come out afterwards and tell you he was just plain wrong. He was doing this investigation to find the results he wanted not as an objective investigator, and he decided what he wanted to find before he ever even started and so that’s what he’s gonna find. He’s not gonna admit he was completely in the wrong with his first accusations.

    1. @Mike Andrews let’s also not forget we got two important investigations coming through the special counsel and Georgia as well.

  5. Our country is screwed when you have to do an investigation on an investigation of an investigation about an investigation.

  6. To say he thought there was a crime committed & that’s why he opened the investigation is him doing HIS JOB!

    1. well yea, when was the last time the CIA or FBI EVER took ANY responsibility for something wrong or horrible they did? That lack of accountability, like you said, is part of them doing their job.

  7. This guy’s dork physiognomy says it all. This is the face of a dude who would falsely investigate someone because they don’t like them.

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