1. A sense of superiority, bigotry, misogyny, corruption, lies, fraud, impunity. There, I summed up Trump’s “strategy” for ya.

    1. @Mister Meaner I’m so sick and tired of you guys and your way of arguing, just leave me alone.

    2. @grandma k.
      Who’s arguing? Your claim is that Biden has fixed unemployment (which is false).
      I find it hilarious that you can’t even name one thing Biden has accomplished for the good of America.
      And now you’re crying because you can’t and then blaming me.

  2. β€œThe worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.”

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE πŸ™Œ lol the good thing is it is great. I’m doing fantastic. I did well under trump and fantastic under Biden. Not sure what’s going on with most.

    2. @WE THE PEOPLE πŸ™Œ ok junior. Unlike you I think for myself. I don’t allow any government to affect my ability to make money and succeed. I’ve had 100 percent trust in God and have been enormously blessed. As I’ve stated, I am affiliated with neither party. That would be a waste of my time and unproductive. I know the laws and loop holes created NY the government and spend my time on way more important things. That probably wouldn’t mean educating you though. That falls under entertainment. Lol you have a fantastic day a d God bless you my friend.

  3. Ah, the GoP .. their slogan should be ” Never Underestimate the Power of Stupidity ” .. What else do you expect from a political party that has nothing to offer the American people. Let alone even live up to their own oath.. What a joke.

  4. Is being two faced not the way of Republicans and most politicians? All just say what they think people want to hear to win favor.

  5. β€œWe’re just waiting for him to die.”
    Signed with love, The Republican Party

    Did he survive? Or was it more like an episode of Weekend at Bernie’s?

  6. So the GOP’s strategy for dealing with Trump is the same strategy Melania has for ridding herself of Trump for good. 🀣

    1. I keep hoping his live for fast food will catch up to him!! Why is it that there are always people that get away with everything???

    2. @Sue Ferguson Fair enough, but wishing disease or death on someone is beyond the pale, Sue. Put a little love in your heart (and the world will be a better place).

  7. Psychopaths cannot be shamed or humiliated and don’t “get better” or “change” when confronted by fact.

  8. Usually, an “ism” is a belief system be it religious or political. Trump doesn’t really have any political philosophy so it’s hard to understand how there could be a “Trumpism” when he just flies by the seat of his pants, mainly asking Hannity what he thinks he should do on any particular issue.

  9. A T-shirt I bought for laughs a couple of years ago seems to be a lot more relevant now. It says “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers” four years ago they put the most dangerous man with regards to our rights and freedom in the White House..

    1. Whats that? The right to sponge off the taxpayer and the freedom to feel self righteous about it?

  10. A- I wish they stop calling trumpism. I am sure that thrills him.
    B- β€œtrumpism” is not really a political philosophy or a way of governing. It is more basic. It is that Trump gave people the clout they needed to tap into the worst characteristics of people. It is just an excuse to be obnoxious, destructive, mean spirited, corrupt with some impunity. He just exposed what many really wanted to be.

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