1. @Boltzmann Brain no one’s for sure saying it’s space aliens so save the tin foil hat for the real conspiracy theorists. It could be a foreign adversary, an individual that has succeeded at some sort of personal engineering feat. So many things can come before “aliens”. But I’m also not close minded enough to discount something outside of our known perception that could completely shift our paradigm.

    1. I mean we can’t be the only ones in our Milky Way galaxy or neighboring galaxy andromeda🤦🏽‍♀️ There has to be other more civilized beings .

    2. Why haven’t we been invaded? Believe it or not humour plays a major role, they interpret our signals and thing we have best aliens before and have superheros, for a totally logical thinking species, that has zero capacity for humour or the crazy stuff you create and celebrate, it’s interpreted as some kind of communication

  1. If the people (aliens?) behind these objects don’t want us to know what they are, we are never going to find out. They?? Are significantly smarter, and have better technology than we do. 😮

    1. @SikWilly Adams OK. I watched it. Or, at least as much of it as I could stand. Mostly the same old stuff going back to when I first read about UFOs too many years ago.
      And I must have dozed through part of it because I saw nothing about the Brazilian military trying to get ET to the hospital. I mean really now!
      There’s far too much of The X-Files in the UFO phenomenon and by that I mean too much of that poster “I want to believe.”
      I’ll stick with Occam’s Razor on this stuff. Or, as Carl Sagan stated (I paraphrase) “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.”

    2. I think some of them anyway want us to know. I saw one that held stationary (at night) a good five minutes over my location on the east coast of Spain (in the 80’s). It hovered over a beach area where it could be seen by many thousands. It disappeared instantly after a spiral-like movement. Over 5,000 people phoned the sighting in to authorities. There is no doubt in my mind as to what it was, or if I, and my children, saw it.

    3. @Kyle Brown thanks for comment. Could be mistaken for something totally man made. I live between an airport and military base. I see weird things all the time, but don’t jump to any conclusions. Every time, turned out to be aircraft.

  2. ‘We mock what we don’t understand’. I don’t understand why humankind isn’t more open minded…

    1. ​@G are you shaming people for not believing in your own very specific ,wish granting ,inconsistent, version of a deity

    2. @Gol D. Roger Depends on what you mean by physical evidence. In the case of Commander David Fravor we have him and his crew as eye witness. Then the instruments on the fighter jets that also correspond to instruments on the Navy Ship as well as Satellite data I believe. So like 9 different corresponding pieces of evidence for the tic tacs. We don’t have physical evidence of the planet Pluto either but we have some nice pictures. 👽 Cheers.

    3. @Coiner that is not still in visual range. It’s an instrument range. And instrument have a different kind of interpretation to it’s surroudings.

      That’s why it’s image is blurred.

  3. Watching this in Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 on a phone waiting for a electric bus, within a hour of broadcast in USA what a world,🇦🇺

    1. While minutes later in an Equatorial jungle I read your response via Elon Musk’s Starlink in between scanning the night sky for otherworldly vehicles.

  4. I used to test the ATFLIR (sensor that is tracking the images) for several years at Raytheon. What I can say is that most of the objects being tracked are not a glitch in the IR sensor. If it were something like dead pixels in the center, it would always look the same. Meaning there would be no rotation, and the size wouldn’t change when switching field of view (basically the “zoom” function achieved by switching mirrors in the optical path). If it were something in the optical path (damage to or debris on the optics) past the FOV mirrors the size could change, but orientation and position would remain the same. Since neither of these conditions exist, there is something outside of the system that is producing an IR signature that can be tracked.

    If there was an isolated incident with one pilot, there could be some calls for skepticism. Since there are multiple cases with multiple pilots, and the fact that the AF has seen things too (AF uses a different system than the Navy F-18), this tells me there are indeed UAP/UFO objects out there. If there is enough engagement or requests to this, I can make a video detailing what is happening in these images.

    1. @Logic Bear Here’s my dissertation:

      You state “Nobody said anyone has to be lying in order for the theory to be right”….That’s right nobody said that, not even me. I stated “Mick’s theory is IMPLYING…” I hope you can see the key word here. Now you are either twisting my words or it’s a case of bad reading comprehension. Either way I know you’re not acting with good intentions. So, a dialogue with you is a moot point.

      Then you state, ” So they don’t know for sure what the object is, and nobody said otherwise” In the very next sentence you contradict yourself and restate the theory “that it could’ve been a distant jet around 30 nm away”. Do you see how you actually do say otherwise and so is Mick?

      How does a fleet of jets fly in our controlled airspace and nothing happens? Do you know how to identify an aircraft 30 nm away? A transponder that is transmitting codes, that’s how. To support Mick’s theory the burden of proof needs to presented to support your theory. Where are the transponder codes for a fleet of aircraft in restricted airspace? How can they operate with impunity without consequences? All very good questions that Mick shouldn’t simply ignore.

      So many holes in this unsupported theory to count. The only thing this false narrative achieves is that it hurts the advocacy for aerospace safety and national security.

  5. Thank you CNN for doing a serious segment on this issue. Thank you to Ryan Graves as well for all the work he’s done over the last couple of years.

    1. I love she is saying the historically established “UFOs” rather that the commonly used “UAP” speak.

    2. Security if they can do what thier your not going to stop them they can only be tracked for a little while and then they are gone so good luck trying to stop em

  6. Great interview! There’s a lot more going on. A lot of people are just in denial that it could be non human. The stigma around UFOs is still a big thing. I hope mainstream news keeps covering it more so if there’s any major revelations in the future, the general public won’t be blindsided as much.

  7. Ryan has been so good for the discussion and I love his podcast.

  8. Thanks for reporting with Ryan about the larger UAP issue. Some people may find this amusing but there absolutely is some kind of reality here with potentially incredible ramifications

  9. I’ve seen some back when I just graduated from high school near Pearl Harbor. And it was tiny and a bunch of them. It was very small the size of flys in a cluster. It was very weird because they would move fast. It scared us at first but it didn’t really harm us.

  10. For anyone interested Ryan Graves just started a new podcast a couple weeks ago on YouTube and it’s called “Merged podcast” where he interviews different highly trained pilots who saw UFOs and why it’s difficult for them to talk about it publicly but even to their superior, even though a lot of pilots seems to have seen a lot of unexplainable stuff.

    1. ​@J Shepard there is video from his squandron that was publicly released and classified recorded sensor data that exists that no one in military or congress disputes is real. What it is, is in question

    2. @J ShepardBob Lazar didn’t make money off his claims for decades. He was still vilified and discredited. Whether you make money from it or not, the end result in this space is usually the same.

  11. I believe that Jacksonville routinely has the highest number of UFO sightings in the U.S. I saw something when I was living there too but was afraid to report it because my son is career military. We need to get to a point where it’s acceptable to acknowledge these sightings because they’re increasing.

  12. My theory is they have a force field around them at they can adu how radiant that field is . They have advanced obstacle avoidance as can be seen in the UfO videos during the 2012 earthquake tsunami in Japan where the same or similarly capable craft were seen moving in and out of the incoming tsunami wave and dodging large debris in the wave . At one point one hops up on the roof af a barn that is in the flow of mud water and cars and everything . They have very quick reflexes and made angular right angle turns. Very impressive

    1. @Cliff Sims Chill, it’s just a theory man. FYI, I happened to watch several interviews with Neil Degrasse Tyson, and I happen to agree with everything he says. He is an expert after all. There is something being photographed, no doubt about that. And that is the extent of it.

    2. @James Ryan ok, I apologize for the aggressiveness….I guess my real point is that people shouldn’t assume these craft are alien nor should they assume they aren’t. Because of stigma, people like Neil, who I’m a fan of and follow closely, shouldn’t automatically dismiss any possibilities especially when they pose a dangerous security risk. His arguments on this subject just don’t stand up and he won’t take a deep dive into. Those are my issues. If congress sees a problem, pilots see a problem, something is going on. That’s all. It’s just irritating to see people debunk and we have all this testimony, data and video.

  13. I used to work with a former Air Force pilot. He wore a non functioning watch with a busted crystal. One day I asked him why he wore a broken watch. We were pretty close friends by then and so in whispered voice, making sure nobody was eavesdropping, he conveyed to me the story of how a UFO forced his plane down and when he crashed, the watch was damaged. He wore the watch as a reminder that it had happened and said the whole incident was buried by the military and he was told there would be severe penalties if he took the story to the press. This was in the 60’s.

  14. I was a skeptic until 5 years ago one came out the sky and landed next to us at a park then it turned invisible. Saw it up close first I thought it was military but now today I don’t know

  15. I’ve seen unidentified flying objects…4 in the sky one evening..doing manoeuvres in sync with each other. Finally they flew at high speed directly up then away from us into the night sky…disappearing from sight. They appeared to be rotating at extremely high speed(glow outside perimeter) no windows or seams I could see…perfectly shaped identical to each other whitish/yellow glow. This was in Ohio. Definitely was not any weather phenomenon as it was a clear cloudless summer evening. My sister woke me up an pointed outside to look out our big bedroom window at these hoovering objects flying in sky high above buckeye tree. We watched until they disappeared.

  16. Thank you for sharing this.
    This is very important and we should pay more attention. He’s super brave!!!

  17. I worked as a contractor for half a decade with multiple aviation departments of the Armed forces of the World but specifically US and NATO most frequently. We have outrageous capabilities but even more outrageously professional and dedicated aviators. Top percent of the armed forces. Especially as you get into more specialized aircraft. The amount of information they need to understand about flight and their aircraft and enemy aircraft is astounding. When these men and women are telling you something funky is going on please listen. Please read between the lines they are trying to show you. It doesn’t have to be scary and bad but it absolutely is happening and the heads need to be removed from the sand.

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