Ex-prosecutor accuses Manhattan DA of botching Trump investigation

Mark Pomerantz, a former senior prosecutor on the Manhattan DA’s team investigating Trump and his organization’s business dealings, said prosecutors weighing similar evidence against anyone other than the former president would have moved ahead with charges in a “flat second.” The allegations come nearly a year after Pomerantz resigned from the DA’s office in protest and days before the release of his new book, which has prompted pushback from District Attorney Alvin Bragg. #CNN #News


    1. @b can you copy and paste? try this one, note the date. “we get all the funding we need out of russia” what are their ties?

  1. Here we go, should have done this, should have done that, it’s just so odd that people wait such a long time to point out the , should of , would of ,could of, people want the spotlight now, but not then. The law is broken, prosecute, if more laws are broken while prosecuting, file more charges and prosecute. Laws are for the rich as well the poor, but it’s mainly the poor that get prosecuted. So tired of the divide.

    1. The acct firm withdrew their signature on about 10 years of tax returns saying they couldn’t stand by any figures given to them by trump!

    2. @Sunny Traveler that’s like closing the barn door after the horses ran away. What about the banks which had relied on the statements issued by the accounting firm despite the disclaimer? Shouldn’t they have exercised better professional skepticism???

  2. “Nobody said that he wasn’t guilty’ – analysis of financial documents by experts regarding Donald Trump.

  3. How could anyone believe that one of the most known figures in business not know what was happening in his own business? A business that carries his name, come on!

    1. @mile_high_topher first off, slow down with that self made BS.. and second, he’s not a billionaire by a long shot…. Thing is, he’s the biggest fraudster there is, always has been and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT

  4. Ummm… I’m sorry, but the fact that he kept doing it, decade after decade. If that doesn’t prove intent, I don’t know what does.

  5. Bragg only recently decided to reopen this case. Nobody thought he was going to. No doubt a release date for this book predates Bragg strapping on a pair

    1. Bragg didn’t want to proceed on the ex president! …now his legacy would look bad in the light of this book, so now he’s allegedly found a pair! …a guy like Trump does what he does BECAUSE he feels above the law!

    2. @Trump is going to prison Not yet. That’s Pomerantz’ whole point. There’s more than enough evidence for the financial fraud case. As he said “if you made a wrong decision, make a better decision.”

      Letitia James brought the case against the Trump org. And Trump’s 444 5th Amendment pleas in that deposition can be introduced into evidence in a criminal trial

  6. Allowing any criminal to walk free because they are or were a politician is a country mile more political than indicting them!

    1. @Wayne Baehler

      Correct laws if it is Dem’s !

      In the case of the best former President , lawyers quitted BCZ it was a set up botched by the New York ag and lawyers !

    2. @Jack O’Bean the reason he walked free is because it’s all a load of bs which you clown’s eat it up every time

  7. The questions that should be asked of the current AG are: was the amount of evidence gathered typical of the amount of evidence gathered when prosecuting a normal, run of the mill case against a non-famous CEO, and if so, why is that enough evidence to charge a CEO turned “President”? Because evidentiary proof is evidentiary proof: if it’s insufficient normally, then I get it. But if it WAS sufficient, then the decision NOT to indict was POLITICAL and NOT a adherence to “Blind Justice” or “No one is above the law” or “one law for all people … no special treatment.” It’s an example of “This job just got really scary and I’m too afraid to do my job without taking CYA precautions” … and they should just admit that … if that’s what’s happening.

    1. Listen, a CPA firm signs the taxes and valuations of an asset. It happens all of the time. It’s very subjective if it is reasonable. A CPA is taking the liability of the fairness in the financial statements. The only way Trump could be tied to defrauding any lender, would be that he bribed the CPA firm. There is no proof of that and therefore it was nothing but a ruse.

  8. So. What is the critical take away for low level criminals? I’m waiting for that book. The Art of the Steal and How to stay Out Of Jail Doing It.

  9. He’s say the true if any regular person did this they would be in prison it is true some people are above the law we poor people don’t have that luck

  10. They always focus on mens rea, but it isn’t about whether he knew what he was doing was wrong. This guy wanted the results he wanted at all costs and didn’t care if it was wrong.

    1. @mile_high_topher my point is, a willingness to commit any crime to get to a specific end should meet the criteria of mens rea

    2. The only witness who can pin Trump down is Alan Weisselberg, and he won’t testify against Trump in a criminal case. Trump never left a paper trail; no emails, memos, text messages, etc.

    3. @Morty Goldmacher as of now you are right. But I think he will get indicted and possible convicted. Not sure he will ever get conventional prison. There are many in the GOP that are hoping he dies before accountability. I need him to be convicted. But in the US we obsess over acting like our leaders are morally better than regular people, but holding the rich and powerful accountable is what would make us exceptional.

  11. We like to say that no one is above the law, but of course it’s not true. For some people the
    Law resides beneath them. Cash-ocracy rules 101.

  12. The scales of justice are about fairness in court cases. There are two sides to every story, and each side of a case or a story must be heard. Each side gets the chance to present “evidence”, or the details about the case. Lady Justice carefully “weighs” the claims of each side, using the scales of justice handout. Sad to say the lady been corrupted by the attitude of politicians, they do not believe they should be judged. They are above the law. We can be like the supreme court, we get to work the system, when we get caught, we get off.

  13. Bragg should be investigated for refusing the do his job! Seems like we have a lot of justice people not doing their jobs!

    1. Or maybe that’s their job to do “busy work” to appease the masses; knowing the rich and political will be free to do as they please.

  14. Bragg got nervous that it looked obvious and then heard about the book and suddenly he is back at it? Bragg is trying to save himself.

    1. I hope you realize that many people have grifted off Trump because the politics incentivized people to do so financially. Ask yourself how many books have been sold off of Trump? Let’s start with Russiagate…

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