1. ​@Bill Miller Chris Evans now can do it like you do that so you might feel like you do how much you can it like that job first thing tomorrow night with you guys we will see you soon or the next one see you can find out now day

  1. LOL bringing in a character witness against any other witness at a grand jury is clownish.

    1. @Harold Insults never work Harold it only confirms I hit a nerve with the TRUTH something Democrats have difficulty coming to terms with..nice try

  2. I wonder if Weisselberg will also be indicted for being a part of the “scheme.” This would allow prosecutors to squeeze him for testimony or face a longer prison sentence.

    After all Weisselberg’s former daughter in law testified. What would she know about these specific payments? Probably not much. So why did she testify? What did she talk about?

  3. I can still remember the days when the DOJ didn’t have a two tiered system when investigating politicians.

    1. The issue is EVERY single crime he listed is past statute of limitations to prosecute so it is dead on arrival in Court?

  4. I highly doubt there’s gonna be a publicized perp walk🚶‍♂️ but that would certainly make for breaking news next week. Most definitely!

  5. “When you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head you know, the way you put their hand over [their head]. You can take the hand away, OK? Please don’t be too nice,” he said to the audience in Long Island, New York. 🤦

    1. He also said he could shoot someone on Fifth avenue and get away with it. What a piece of crap he is.

  6. The New Day is the only group I remember being able to pursue singles titles withoit somebody turning heel

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