1. Man robs bank, says he truly believes all the money inside belongs to him, upon hearing this the judge says “our bad you are free to go”. Totally doesn’t appear completely insane at all.

  2. Simple solution – Put Trump on the stand under oath and he would never admit that he was detached from reality.

  3. Let me get this straight. The President of the United States, the leader of the free world, refused to listen to his hand picked cabinet and advisers who were telling him that he lost the election fair and square but instead listened to an inebriated Rudy Guiliani, a pillow salesman and an econ crank then proceeded to grift his supporters and he gets a pass? The president should at least be held to the same standard as the ceo of any run of the mill business in the US. He knew and should have known that what he was doing was wrong. He remains a clear and present danger to this country and DOJ needs to stop him.

    1. @david jones The list is so long, could you give me a time frame? I can go back as far as The Art of the Deal. That’s the book where he really started fluffing his peacock feathers.
      Here’s one with three separate violations just in 2016 that were broadcast and/or reported widely in public; US Code 31201. I don’t know if your Fox News Entertainment Channel or any of its juniors carried the stories, but I’m sure you’re a knowledgeable person of contemporary happenings and you’ll be able to recall where the infractions occurred. If not, happy sleuthing!

  4. This is irrelevant. either he knew he was lying or he’s criminally insane….. that’s it…. And we ALL know the answer because it’s obvious. This is creating controversy where none exists….

    1. But I think he truly IS criminally insane.. but I don’t think he’s delusional. I think he knows full well what he’s doing, he just has no sense of guilt, shame, or remorse.

  5. So it’s not Trump’s fault at all It’s somebody else’s fault like always He needs to be held accountable plain and simple.

  6. the legal system is so broken. As others are rightfully saying, if someone does something because they think it is right; and they get away with it because of that, then the legal system is literally dead.

    1. there is no such thing as overturning the election given the situation that the wisdom of the Office of US President who had not conceded defeat.
      the fact known to the Office of President, ‘doubtful integrity of electoral votes’, even if missed by the VP to discern or address must have been raised and deliberated swiftly at the Court . .

      this impasse brought us to this chaos worldwide . .

  7. Why do people constantly give this guy an out?! The average person would never be given a reasonable doubt scenario! Technicalities are “choking” the truth and keeping people accountable out of the equation!

    1. @Marco Polo hush, the adults are talking. You’re not a terribly bright person there little Marco is ya.

  8. Hmm, I kinda think that asking for and collecting $250 million for a legal defense fund that didn’t even exist would go a long way towards proving his intent. Especially since they went on to just distribute the money amongst themselves….

    1. This “Proving Intent” business gives me the screaming shits! Trump’s intent is never in doubt and is always self-evident. He needs never to be given any benefit of the doubt!

  9. What happened to the saying, “Ignorance is no excuse for the law”. Whether or not he believed it or not, if it illegal, it’s illegal.

    1. @Chris Bammer You can not rob a facility or a person no matter how you sum it up.. It doesn’t matter what that facility or that person did to you before or after.. It doesn’t matter if you think they stole from you.. It doesn’t matter how loud you scream it to others.. That doesn’t give you a free pass..

    2. @Boogaloo I didn’t Rob the bank, I sued the bank for robbing *me*, I called them thieves and other people got mad and robbed them. I’m not responsible for the actions of others, each individual is responsible for their own actions

  10. He was told what he was doing was illegal. He knew it was illegal, he just didn’t care as long as he remained president.

  11. The definition of irony: being called a sheep by people whose slogan is “Where we go one, we go all”

  12. I honestly have no idea why it’s so hard for Americans to indict Donnie. If your laws are ineffectual to hold to account someone who tried to undermine and even overthrow the institutions upon which your democracy and transfer of power is based on, you’re in serious trouble.

  13. Wow! If this holds up as a defense our judicial system is truly broken beyond repair. I’m sad for my country. 😢

    1. I think he’s totally wrong. The court and jury take into account “reasonable belief”. If claiming ignorance was all it took, the justice system would be doomed.

      In other words claiming my lawyer told me to kill someone or simply believing that you won, despite all evidence and having been told endless times that you lost including by the US intelligence agencies, the DOJ and having ALL your 61 lawsuits dismissed by your own appointed judges, is not reasonable. Any reasonable person should know that committing a crime is bad, just like any reasonable person should accept the court opinion. Otherwise, anyone can incite violence or commit a crime and dismiss all lawyers or evidence until they find someone who tells them it’s OK then claim “Well I didn’t know, I believed him”.
      That’s simply not how it works.

      Wilful and active ignorance as well as intentional negligence are not a legal argument.

      Also, when even your own lawyer seeks a pardon from YOU, it means that he knew he was committing a crime as previously stated by the Supreme Court, meaning you should also know something is wrong there.

      So no, it’s technically not as hard as he pretends to bring charges here, above all with the damning written and video evidence as well as first hand testimonies from his own advisers and lawyers under OATH.

      The only “difficulty” is the political aspect, as no former US president has been indicted before. However, no other US president has tried to overthrow the US government over election fraud lies either, so it’s important to set a strong precedent above all when the guy is still out there spewing dangerous lies.

  14. Not that big of a problem; he was told several times that what he wanted was illegal and he pushed forward anyway. Hard to argue ignorance if you’ve been specifically told the truth.

    1. Unfortunately, bad actors like Eastman and Guilliani told him the opposite and that appears to give him some level of cover.

    2. @M I just need 11,770 votes… hmmm why? He won according to his own words, why did he need more votes in Georgia?

  15. You have to appreciate the idea that for someone to get away with a crime, he just needs to find a lawyer that tells him that the law is unclear and, actually, that thing is not a crime. Of course!!!

    1. I think this is less the issue than the likelihood that one Trumper on the jury can set him free, even if the evidence against him is overwhelming. It only takes one.

  16. First defence he mentioned,
    “Find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”
    Proof of knowledge of loss.

    1. @DanSk451 I agree with you that he knew he lost. His defense would be that he “BELIEVED” he lost because he was cheated according to his lawyer, and THAT justifies his actions. Of course you and I know it’s BS, but it only takes one juror to accept his BS as truth. So prosecution will need to be very careful in selecting unbiased, intelligent jurors, who aren’t easily swayed by rhetoric. That eliminates almost any Republican juror. Then he will claim a biased jury on appeal. 🙂 AAaarrgghhh !!

    2. @Justin Tyme I’m not sure Biden can, but I’ve heard of legal challenges based on what you said.
      Especially pardons that didn’t go through the Pardons office and vetting.

  17. As a criminal defense attorney myself, i can unequivocally confirm that this man has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Whether he believes it or not has zero impact on whether he committed Fraud.
    What you believe does NOT matter, what matters is whether trump can produce proof of his “belief”, and whether the case against him can be proven.
    We KNOW it can be proven that fraud was commited, and we KNOW he can’t prove his claims.
    This man has zero concept of what the burden of proof is.

    1. @Simon Davis you’re confusing sleezy with HONESTY. By your same exact logic, a murderer that truly believes god told him to kill commited no crime right? because it’s what he believed was the right thing to do.

  18. Then if I am drunk when I am driving , I get pulled over and I tell the cops, “I am not drunk,” even after a sobriety test, the cops see I am drunk, but I say, “I am not drunk” and I don’t believe I am drunk, does that mean they cannot convict me? And you may say, “what about your blood alcohol level?” I can say, “the tests are wrong, I am not drunk.” I would still get convicted and pay the price. We can all see Trump is guilty as hell, he needs to be held accountable!

    1. Your metaphor is dumb. Intention isn’t written into the law for DWI cases, while laws for fraud require prosecutors to prove the accused knowingly lied.

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